Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Absolutely not :joy:. I’m not even going to take the trash down to the road. Just got a call from a friend saying “don’t leave the house and stay inside “.


I will vote for Oprah if she promises to legalise cannabis in the entire United States forever and Europe too…beginning with Belgium.


Shoot me first.


No shoot ME first @Tylan


Someone please keep me from buying all the necessary items for a veg tent… lol did I mention this is Mrs. covertgrower approved?


DO IT @Covertgrower!!!

I’m no help…lmao


That is always the best and SAFEST way to go!


i have a 4by4 tent cheap!


I wanted a 4X4 tent, it doesn’t fit @BIGE I’m in a shed. Don’t forget my 4X8 is already in there! So with a 4X3 it leaves me with 3 inches to spare…


Those fabric pots. the ones by Outfitters, I used the 3 gal ones last grow, and found that the handles, although sturdy, tend to stick up to high above the pot and got in the way a lot of the times.

Just sharing my experience with them, next grow I am replacing the with something that is sewn a little farther down the pot…


I had the same problem with mine so I just took some carpet thread and a needle and sewed the middle of the handle to the side and problem solved. I was not going to discard 5 brand new pots !


i have a knife and hacksaw…lol
just saying…


I will load the gun, shoot you both and then myself! @Tylan @Covertgrower

No More “O’s” in the White House

@Niala thought of you!


@BIGE you got me to chuckle on that one. lol

@Ron330 and @TxGrowman I agree that the handles are a little tall, but they’re not terrible.

@Screwauger yeah no more O’s in the whitehouse. Btw that’s an awesome pike! I miss those. In alaska only mainland lakes have those. Everything else that has lakes on islands, it’s trout.


Why’d I let my wife drag me to karaoke night and then mention in jest that I’d only sing Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. Yeah she went there. Not enough Yuengling… Lol. Hope you all are having a good evening.


That is one monster pike, especially through an 8" hole in the ice !


Been dealing with a flooded basement since getting home from work. Bulkhead stairs are leaking and can’t plug the leak. Shop vac and sand bags to keep flooding localized to half the basement.
Anyone k ow of a product that stops leaks o wet surfaces, with water running in cracks?


Oh…O kay! @Tylan @Covertgrower


TGIF fellow farmers!!!
have a wonderful start to your weekend!!!


Holy fog Batman
Good morning hope all is well
Super foggy today iver nightvtemos 46 hahaha
Heading up to almost 60 in nyc so atvthe ranch should be 50s nice for January
Well said @BIGE