Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Lol, @Screwauger



Thanks Boo :hugs:.


Good Frosty Morning all! With windchill it’s a minus 4 today after a high of 50 yesterday! Ya gotta love Mother Nature. Opened my door to this

And all the four paws :paw_prints: said “no way” :grinning:


I was delayed both to and from my physical therapy appointment today due to a DOT plow having slid off the road and buried itself up to the doors in a snowbank. (which btw was the only thing stopping it from a short ride off a long cliff). One of those really big tow trucks for semi tractors had just arrived when I was on the way there. On the way back I waited 20 minutes and watched as the crew finished removing all the plow hardware, outriggers, and a backhoe scooped all the sand and salt out of the dump body into another dump truck. Then a PAIR of tow trucks with winches freed it from the snow bank. Very interesting delay. Now I know why I should just keep my dash cam in the console.


Lol, what an adventure @Willd


interesting visit to the post office today trying to send out some bills…lol wearing my ilgm thc shirt…
a mid to upper 50’s white lady was in front of a guy next to me in line.
she keeps looking,staring at me if i were a mirror,really the lady was a trip!
i’m thinking something bad going on behind me so i double take my back door…lol
i turn back and there she is…’‘whats that?’’ lol
me; why that is the chem.make-up of thc…
her; ohhhhhh…are you a new grower here?
her;what does i :sparkling_heart: gm mean?
me; i love growing marijuana
her,with a silly look…oh
only at the post office!!
after she left i was like,’‘postage to anstradam please!’’ lol
never a dull moment!


Lol @BIGE :sweat_smile: :joy:, really funny pal , lol :wink: :innocent: :+1:


i wish you could have filmed it because she was in line between two younger black guys they just turned around and grinned! lol
what a hoot!


Whoa Boo, arent you in Fla?


@Laurap Nope. Grew up there but moved to Missouri 23 years ago, then Kansas & now freezing my bones in Nebraska :cry:


Unfortunately i think youre right. Brrrrrr…


Out of likes for 3 hours :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’m glad I hit town yesterday! Back to my earlier pic, you couldn’t see the bottom of the drive after that was taken for about an hour. Between the frozen rain and snow it’s going to be fun getting the house mail for a while :joy:


Afternoon all…just having a crap of a day…
Ugh. Am I wrong to be furious at these telecommunication companies that would rather provide high speed internet to 3rd world countries instead of running that same wire to rural america?

never getting decent internet in 2018 or ever.

Is it too much to ask for? #yes it is. #sorry we are running wifi on the moon instead…


Ditto! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’m less than a quarter mile from where it runs here.


What annoys me the most is that, these jerk*** companies that spend their money on commercials that say "use our app, log on everyone, and scream we are the most reliable network!! "
I’d love to but you won’t provide me with decent internet to download or even update software to access these apps.

HEy, * insert billion dollar branded telecommunication company *, buying old a$$ copper wire that works great for tapping (not to be confused with typing) a telegraph message to a train depot in a midwest town, Completely possible.

BUT using that same wire from the 1800’s will NOT work for current video and audio based streaming in 2018! A 2 min video takes 10-15 mins to load. Updates sometimes take weeks to download. Weeks!!! Soon to be months now that gig’s seem to be the norm for downloading.

I can see data transfers of kilobyte sizes working perfectly circa 1992 computers (duh i was alive then it was great, we could see text AND pictures!!), but when you are talking about moving data that is 1000 x 1000 larger than a kilobyte, it just doesn’t work

They don’t see that there’s a problem. Sipping their latte’s and making billions off of urban areas. (Too expensive to run cable though to me lol)

That’s not discrimination, it’s business.


“Postage to Amsterdam” !

T shirt material right there hahaha!


Just in


That’s awesome. Maybe CT can get there this year. Waiting on the proposed bills for this legislative session.

To add I’m not optimistic. We have a bunch of moronic people in government here including the moron Gov Malloy


Do you really blame 'em for saying “no way” ??


LOL. I expect a LOT of questions like that but have to be a little more discreet in TX . . . It is NOT legal to grow here. Will that stop me from wearing it, most likely not. Most people do not even look at what is on a t-shirt or hoodie.

That is funny @BIGE ! ! !