Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Nice pie safe in the background of that lovely pic of the Shepherd


No glamour shot of the Strawberry Kush that sacrificed itself to become today’s nose fodder, but there’s this…

Got out there early to spread some sand & rock salt on the untreated surfaces as we were the unlucky recipients of freezing rain overnight.
Update from MrsWillD upon her arrival at work just a moment ago;

“Roads are as follows. N Palermo a little greasy in spots. Route 3 just wet. Both roads very salted and sanded. Go easy be safe.”


good morning garden!
hoping everyone has a great pre-friday!


Hate to give this a “like” but am glad you are feeling a little bit better now. Get a lot of rest and hope you are feeling better. I have a friend that is so sick, he doesn’t even want to get high! NEVER thought I thought I would hear him say that.

I went into Kroger shopping yesterday and left immediately after getting the bare necessities for the house. There were at least 10 people in the store that were coughing and sneezing over all the vegetables ! Guess I can live without veggies for a while! What I did get, I washed really well before putting them in my refrigerator. My hands are almost raw from washing them so much.

Hope you are up feeling better and up and around soon.


Good morning everyone!


How many guesses do I get @Tylan?


I was gonna reply, but I forgot what I was gonna say. LOL


60f here this morning…winter storm warning for this evening!
i :sparkling_heart: AR weather!


Got ya VIP seating


Precious little lion


Ive got temps @ 55° now. Yesterday it was 70°, todays high dropping all day to 28° & snow. This is supposed to be my second day back @ work, but ya gotta wonder how much a bartender can make in a bar by the coast. Hot Todies all around


so not feeling quite up to par. I think maybe I should stop smoking weed. I go through this each morning and each morning I smoke and feel better. So why stop using something that make you feel better. I don’t know just something I wanted to say.


try capsules or edibles @Smokin_ernie having copd myself it helps on the lungs…
i’ll never stop smoking flower though!


I have been looking into getting some capsules. I do like my brownies I make but the dosing can be tricky. I don’t mind that but for during the day I would like something more predicable which I would think the capsules would be.


We’re all proud of you for that test score, keep it up. Here’s my story with testing positive for cannabis. I’ve suffered with arthritis for years and I was put on Vicodin which I did for at least 10 years. Now with all this going on with the drug abuse (Heroin) they slammed the hammer down on anyone who does drugs like Vicodin. I found that cannabis mixed with Vicodin would get me through the day of hard work being a millwright. Now they have mandatory urine testing quite often. They took me by surprise when they asked for urine. Lets say the test came back and the Doc. said I tested really high and he looked at me and said and you know how much you’re smoking. There was no taking me off of these slowly after taking them for over 10 years. They said COLD TURKEY you pot smoking hippie. Actually the Dr. didn’t have a problem with it he said it’s the Gov. interfering. I don’t mind being off the Vicodin but they have to realize that now I’ll be smoking more and test even higher. lol



Don’t you just love it, not!


It’s likely miraculous that I am not tested in my line of work. There are many voices that scream for that testing. So far my union has been able to keep that at bay. Legalized recreational use in my state is seemingly empowering these loud voices to become even louder.

Not sure where it all goes re: testing when it is now “legal.” Seems like someone abusing alcohol, they would need to offer you assistance before punishment. Wouldn’t matter because I am not stopping.


Good morning all hope tou have a great day temps are supposed to be close to 50 here in the big Apple today :thinking:
Woohoo ill take it lol
:v:️ All CB


My thoughts go out to all y’alls down south anticipating winter weather later on. YUK. Stay warm stay safe.
I think it’s going to be 50° here tomorrow.




As soon as using alcohol a month ago becomes a violation I will too stand up and demand for blood/ urine tests.

What purposes is served if you had marijuana in your off duty time and it shows up in a test while you are at work? Test for off duty alcohol use and I will be a proponent. Never made sense to me. Not then and not now.