Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


I’ll have to find that letter and block out some things so I can show you folks. I was and am very proud of that document. @bob31


I’d like to have an autographed copy!


Hahaha @Screwauger that’s awesome! My wife wants to be a volunteer firefighter so went through the whole interview etc. They call her and ask her to take a physical. She gets there it’s a drug test too. I laughed and said guess you’re not being a firefighter. That was a week ago they never called her back.


I miss our Yorkie Ruckus, she has been gone a bit over a year now.! She lived 15 healthy years


Aww she’s so adorable @FreakyDeekie ! I was meh about Yorkies but my wife wanted one. We got Grayson then she convinced me two years later to get Audrey for Grayson. Audrey is totally attached to me. She turned into my dog because whenever I’m home she’s always laying next to me. Grayson too but hey much more. I am so glad my wife convinced me to get them!

Are you thinking of getting another or you’re done? Sorry she’s gone :sleepy:


I thought my husband might be ready to get another one but he really likes cats a lot, almost as much as I do and since we take off and run around on the weekends, often being gone overnight on Saturday, it is much easier to manage with the cats. They are good alone for 24 hours and we always leave them noise, toys, extra food and water. The dog has to be kenneled etc, etc, so he has decided no more doggies.


My Hoodie is on order and I can’t wait !


This was 2009 @bob31


That is priceless. You should frame that and hang it in your grow room! @Screwauger


I hate to break the thought chain but I have a entry that I think is very relevant to all of us.

Please take all precautions you can in public places against the flu bug ! The CDC almost threw an air ball this year and the flu shot is only covering 10% of the viruses - IF that many.

What precautions you might ask?

  1. Hand Washing with soap and water frequently.
  2. Avoid contact with implements that can carry the flu virus - Shopping carts and baskets, door knobs, elevator buttons, etc
  3. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently.
  4. Stay out of public places as much as possible and avoid contact with people that are obviously sick (coughing, sneezing, etc)
  5. There are many more precautions but this is a good place to start.

In Dallas County, TX there have been 18 cases in the last several weeks that have died of the flu virus and most of them had the flu shot ! Of those 18, nearly a dozen were in the last several days. We seem to be at the tip of the spear, so to speak, on the flu this year.

I have friends in the northern states that are just starting to see the Flu now and it is a strong strain this year.

Take care of yourselves, I want to keep you as friends, be cautious and stay healthy. Jerry


Great advice. Thanks.


Excellent advice. I actually follow your list :+1: my number 5 is to take Vitamins C $ B12 throughout the flu season :grinning:. Since I pay off my credit card every month I don’t use cash if I have change coming back. Money is a major way of passing on bugs.


Oh my god now that’s top shelf right there lmao I was very open with my doctor and she advised me to stop, when she walked out the nurse looked at me and said she said that to everyone


That’s why I did not think it was an issue. I had been very open with my physicians that I used daily.


My mom is a living kidney donor and despite that has the smallest chart in the office. When the doc asks how often she smokes mj she replies “as often as I can”!! As shocked as they are, they are unable to come up with any suggestion that she quit or cut back given how healthy she is :grin:
She used to tell her kidney recipient (non-user) that her “green” kidney needs a nose hit :sweat_smile: but he wouldn’t go for it :thinking: Even so, he lived 15 years with her kidney.



Why do you think they call it “dope”? :grin:


So you were off the Cannabis chart. Well done!


I’ve been out of work since Saturday with the worst flu of my life. Unfortunately all things you mentioned to avoid I have non-stop contact with, except shopping carts but then again I have to shop. I won’t be going back to work until Saturday and I’m hoping to at least feel a little better by then. This thing knocked me on my ass but I pretty much slept for the past 3 days straight. That’s a plus. I think I’ll take a nap now.


awesome man, enjoy! @BIGE


Good morning all.
@Screwauger, that letter is pure gold!
Should be framed and in hung proudly. :smile: