Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


I wanted a great dane but hubby said i was getting too old for a g dane, too big. So i got a rescue gsd that now weighs 135 lbs & not even 2.


So sorry to hear that @jmlove123. That sucks but you need to leave that place. They will always keep you where you are and you will never advance. Been there. After I left my old job they had to hire three people to fill my shoes and paid them total 5x the salary I was making. They aren’t stupid.


Count me in to attend :+1:. Ya gotta have dreams!


I’m so sorry to hear that. I know you could use the extra dollars. It’s their loss!!!



I concur @bob31


So this just happened. Can you tell which I stuck my pH tester into a cup of to try and calibrate? Was wondering why it was coming in at 4.9. what a ding bat I am lol.


Hahaha smoke another @Tylan


I wish. I’m dry :sleepy:


we always smoke leaving not entering the garden…lol :thinking:


I get more in trouble gardening sober… Probably going to pick another sample tonight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’m about to where i do not do that anymore…[starting this grow…lolol]
i have grown enough last round to make it to this one!
you will too!


Log it. @Tylan


oh yeah, thats top 10 material! hahaha


Nasty habit here of taking the vape pen in the growroom with me!! I golf stoned, I sled stoned, I grow stoned. See thread “I got so stoned I…”

Never a dull moment.


I’m all out of likes but that’s hilarious.


Lol even though I was sober its good material so I posted it :yum:



Speaking of being sober. Many years ago, after my divorce I was feeling stressed, couldn’t sleep well and was generally stressed out. Truth be known, I was sober by default for a number of days/weeks because of finances.

I went to my doctor and told him I thought I needed something to help me sleep. He took a history and stated he wanted to trust me but would be more comfortable if he knew I wasn’t “loaded up on coke or something.” I agreed because I was desperate and had really nothing to hide despite my chronic pot use, I didn;t think they were looking at that.

I have the letter in my medical file. My THC level was too high for their test to measure. He suggested I start there and cut back and see of my anxiety and sleep improved. He retired shortly after I changed doctors.


I don’t know where to start! hahahaha omg that is sooo funny @Screwauger