Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


I think they know they were rescued.


I only see one…Blue Dream is wonderful. Ah, there she is…


I rescued another dog once…he’s waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge probably, I hope he’ll forgive me.


@Willd @DieHigh55

X’scuse me, while I tip this guy!


That’s not what Jimi sang when he pointed at Mitch😉



C’mon, man, fake news.:joy:


It’s a known fact that while playing “Purple Haze” at an outdoor festival, a mosquito nailed Jimi’s leg, so he sang… “S’cuse me, while I itch my thigh!” It’s TRUE! If you play it backwards, you hear him say…turn me in, Sheriff…"


I love all this talk about dogs. I have a 110 lb. German Shepard and when he wants to go out he’ll come up to me from behind and stomp his foot and when I turn around he’ll bark at me. I had better bring him out at that moment or he’ll , well you know.

We’ve always had GS dogs and here’s a picture of the second one we had named Major.He lived until he was 13 which is really good for the breed. He now sits on my gun safe with his feline friend Rockett

And I can’t forget the cat. She’s known as a rug glider with very short legs and long hair. This was shortly after being shaved.


My wife and I foster when we can. Most of our fosters are adopted in less than a week. Really great seeing a dog get to go to their forever home :heart:


Hahahahaha good one!!! But, listen, I shot the sheriff.



Awesome new avatar @Tylan no confusing this one!!


These two are not rescues though but my little cuties I can’t get enough of :sunglasses:


Yeah no kidding what a dolt I was!


OMFG cuteness on steroids!!


Now that I can handle. I told the wife only small dogs from now on. lol


She’s a beauty! :heart_eyes:


Theyve got me wrapped


I know I have not been in the garden in a while but just wanted to say hi and tell everyone that did wish me luck on my interview thanks. But they did go with someone’s. i was told I am to good at my current postion that they couldn’t afford to lose me there. LOL I call bull poop. But that is okay. Hope everyone is doing good.


This is my third set of gsds. Never had a more loyal friend. Beautiful pups & cat as well