Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Morning all, hope you all have a great day!

Just placed an order for Cherry Pie, GDP, and Purple Kush…:drooling_face:


Those sound delicious!


Woohoo :raised_hands: nice @Tylan
Good morning folks hope everyone is well and gardens are green
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My 2¢ is this is basically safe and a similar formula to Shultz’s Superthrive in as much that it’s classified as a vitamin hormone and thus not intended for food crops. Chlorine is an organically occurring element. I’ve used Superthrive in very light doses on my mj grows but I discontinued and opted not to restock when we purchased a woodlot DownEast with some shared shoreline covered with seaweed. When we go DownEast, we take one of our landscape barrels and fill it with seaweed for our compost pile.


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, snows all gone, it’s sunny now but been raining a lot, I hope you all have a great day

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Hooray for sun! Tag me in your next journal post please.
nm i found it. Blueberry and White widow right?


Yeah my brother, blueberry and white widow it is @Willd I need to do some new pictures, I forgot this weekend


I failed to mention it’s colder than a witches navel here again today. High temp not expected to reach freezing.


Good morning all. Nothing exciting on the left coast today. Got a full plate: my hunting partner needs a couple of spacer blocks fabricated for his boat, I have to haul a washing machine from our rental and meet a contractor to do some repairs on the same place. My brother is coming down tomorrow for a few days of shooting fun and good food. (he loves my fried chicken haha).


I live near the ocean myself…
Did you make a tea/stew with the seaweed & add it to your watering schedule?


We just incorporate it into our compost bins and use it dry as side dressing once it’s all broken down into that black gold. My little sister took horseback riding lessons a few towns over which gave us good access to horse manure. My Dad & I would go collect a bunch from the stable when we picked her up and would make horse manure tea for feeding our garden when I was a kid. We stuffed burlap bags and soaked them in a 55 gal barrel of water. He said it was better because than mixing manure right into the lot because it helped prevent all the hay seed and wildflower seeds in their turds from getting into the garden dirt.


@jmlove123 not many can relate to your dilemma (except here) and it’s not surprising that it took time for your ex to understand. I’m keeping you in my prayers and thoughts as I have since we first “met “ here. :hugs:


Good Morning to everyone in the Garden. This morning I thought I’d share pictures of a 72 year old bottle of Lord Calvert Blended Whiskey. This is an unopened sealed bottle dating 1946 on the bottom of the bottle. This is one of the bottles of booze I found in my wife’s Grandmother’s house. We lived there for 10 years before building our house. My problem with this unopened bottle is that SOMEONE’S BEEN DRINKING MY WHISKEY. Does this mean there are angles in my house having a good time on me. lol I better go check my supply of weed to make sure all that is still there. Have fun my friends who ever you are.


Could it have possibly evaporated over the last 70 years?
Looks like a screw top rather than a cork. Very odd…


Good day all. Been gone a little while with Dr appointments and deciding on what I want them to do.
Hope all is well for everyone and there grows


Good morning all. My morning is going well fixing to go spend some time in the garden. Here’s a little breakfast sammie for ya


I would think it is evaporation going on. I can store the bottle upside down and no leaks lol I have bottles older than that and they are still full but have corks. The others are Brandy.


Happy anniversary @Hunter00!


And that explains why he is super dog :dog2: @willd. Amazing!


That’s a good dog… wow like freakin rin tin tin @AnneBonny @Willd… that dog should qualify for a discount on your insurance… maybe a tax deduction to claim super dog? Just saying… lol