Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


let’s shake it up @Smokin_ernie !
good morning!
i bought some maxi-crop seaweed extract awhile back not knowing it contained chlorine…
my question to the forum is , do you use seaweedextract or some kind of kelp??
i was leary about using maxi-crop for seedlings so need something else.
fyi; i used this while flushing my plants at harvest time and i believe this is the best tasting smoke i’ve grown!


Dog woke me up at about 1AM by climbing onto the bed and standing right next to my head to alert of a screaming hot stove due to some weird behavior of the round damper. I heard the rear damper “flap” a couple of times prior to that and ignored it.

The damper plate has become loose on the shaft that controls it’s position. My hypothesis is that the damper had partially rotated closed causing all the wood to de-gassify and then when the mass became brittle it fell in on itself and ignited in a major way. Anyway. I’m letting it go out today so I can disassemble the short section of pipe and cement it all back together including cementing the damper plate to the damper shaft. Oh yeah that dog! He’s something else. He’s done that a couple of other times when we had water coming in from the roof, wildlife right outside the door or under the crawlspace under the workshop and the front door ripped off the hinges by wind.

Big Bud! I like how easily this one breaks up by hand.
Using a grinder is a real time saver but I find sometimes it grinds it too fine and makes for difficult drawing from the end of the joint.


Good morning… I just got home said my hellos to the dogs and took them for a walk I went downstairs to check my flower room and the lights are out… I’m like wtf is going on! Then I thought about it and realized in my inticipation on getting home I was thinking lights on at 5am when it’s the opposite huh it’s only been 10 weeks on that schedule I can see how I could mix that up… duh lol


no harm no foul.
Again I defer to “this is some good weed” :rofl:


Good morning everyone, beautiful day here in the south. Cool and crisp but not uncomfortable.
About 2-3 weeks away from my 2nd harvest, oh the anticipation. So ready to smoke some grade A sour diesel
Yall have a gooden


powering through this one.


Seriously UNCLE!!


Yes sir! My boys used my last wraps so I filled a bowl with some ptw and now I’m working on my second lol it was long trip home…started out with a 4hr delay was supposed to leave at 8:30pm turned into 11:47pm… yup I’m really enjoying this :grin:


Well well… good morning @BIGE @Willd @WillyJ

Never use kelp but I have seen on here people have used it. Cant say I remember it having any magical powers but it may.

Very nice buds guys!! I am going to have to break out some gold leaf and join you guys. cool bowl


sweet glass there. That’s some long delay. I bet that was real nice to home home to!


Superthrive contains kelp. Pretty safe to say most aquatic derived nutrients are a good bet.
The word kelp reminds me of kale.
If you add coconut oil to the pan it makes the kale easier to scrape into the trash can.:laughing:

I think it’s time to drop the beans from a friend which have been soaking since Saturday into their pots.
I’l tag y’all to the journal in a couple minutes.


:joy: love it scrape into the trash can. lol not a fan of greens @Willd ?


Thanks yes it was glad to be home…


j/k My step daughter sent MrsWillD a funny meme with that saying and a pic last night.
I love it especially the tuscan variety. We grow a few kinds and have access to a bunch more from the neighbor’s farm


I guess I should stop sitting in my car in the parking lot and just go into work and get the day done. Lol so tired have a great day guys. @Willd keep smoking for all of us today lol


it is pretty funny! I going to get my garden going this spring. I have an empty palette as what to do and what to put in there. I got some work ahead of me. So you are going to do a indoor grow? If it is anything like you r outdoor grow you will kill it inside.


bright and early to work is it a normal start for you?


Good Morning Gardeners!!!

I was planning to hold off and use the reward system. Bongs for work product. It works for me however; I do not give a flying flute about that today and although I am just overloaded at work, hello BBA you lovable little smoke bomb



no effin wonder why… holy sacred smoke bomb. Looks like you dipped it in honey for Christ’s sake


Mainah’s are good people! Heck @Willd is our Mascot! I think that says it all. Yes, that nug is pretty!!! Can’t wait for you to try the BBA.

Considering my sledding plight, I was discussing my plan to retire my sled due to it’s age, and my frustration with my less than committed riding partners, with a gent I know from Farmington. We both frequent a sledders forum called Hardcore Sledders.

He is up in Northern Maine on a week long sled trip (envy) and he texted me after reading my PM to him. “Don’t get rid of anything yet. I will call you as soon as I get home. I have a sled I will sell you cheap on time and I need a committed riding partner.”

It’s likely not for me but regardless, I’ve never met this Man. We’ve talked about riding together for over 5 yrs but it was likely not going to happen. He actually grew up in my hometown in NY and managed the local K-Mart for years.

He said, if buying the sled is not doable, I can ride it any weekend I want to tag along. My pride will not let me do that but the generosity and willingness to go out of his way is just what Maine is all about. Maybe some light at the end of the tunnel…



Hey @BIGE.
I use this every grow & haven’t had any problems.
To be honest I never noticed it contained chlorine