Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Good morning everyone :hugs:. It’s a crispy minus 1 and NOT conducive for pumping up the tire on my truck (10+ minutes). Called to reschedule truck for new sensor tomorrow and my mechanic is still sick :mask:
We’ll see how he feels tomorrow.
Getting ready to make some 15 bean soup with beef sausage.
Have a good day and stay warm and healthy my Garden friends :hugs:


Good morning garden! Finally got a break in the weather with rain forecast for this week.

My wife is off and one of her Air Force cadets (now retired Air Force) called to get together for lunch. He’s an airline pilot and came in to SBA yesterday. He’s flying out of SLO today so going up to have lunch and take him to the airport.


@Piezy here the morning garden say hello to the folks
Folks this is A new member @Piezy


@Piezy Welcome to the forum.


Love the new avatar El kabong


Hi @Piezy Sit down, relax, & enjoy :blush:


Hey there @Piezy. Welcome :slight_smile:


Hi @Piezy, welcome :green_heart: :seedling:


Welcome @Piezy. If you are very new you can’t respond yet. We look forward to chatting with you.


Very well put I didn’t know him long but the short time I did get to chat on here he taught me alot. Hope all is well.


thanx @Nug-bug…a quick internet search, let your fingers do the walking…and el-kabong in more ways than one, or better yet, have a cigar! a cannagar!


and welcome to I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA @Piezy !


Welcome @Piezy:sunglasses:


Welcome @Piezy

Home from work now. My son has a really bad day at school. We are thinknitnis time to get him in to a special school. It is so hard to see one of your kids struggling so much. Hope everyone is good and having a great day.


@Willd Here’s a picture I took one morning. Your photo made me think of this picture.


Evening everybody!

With sledding off the table I’m all about the melting and warmer days ahead but, I’m a Mainah and I know we will get walloped with another good dumping or two before all is said and done. Lost a good deal of snow today as the sun is stronger everyday. See, I’m really trying to embrace this new attitude. So what if I just bought a brand new $60 belt and two weeks ago a new aftermarket starter/selenoid. No biggie! Spring is right around the corner, well after probably like another month and a half of WINTER…aaarrrggghhh



Welcome to this crazy garden @Piezy.

Glad to see you’re making lemonade @Screwauger

@jmlove123 I’m sorry for your son. Sometimes people really suck and it is horrible when you see your kids suffer as a result. Be there for him and stay strong for you and him, that’s all you can do ~ cyber hugs.


Flight delayed twice now we’re not taking off until 11:47 pm and land at 2:51am probably won’t make it home until 4:30am wtf lol lights on in my flower room at 5am so after the fatty I roll and puff as soon as I get thru the door I’ll be able to check on my buds…:grin: @Screwauger @BIGE


@AnneBonny thanks for the kind words. I think the hardest part is I have been wanting to get him into a special school for 2 years now and my ex his dad hasn’t. Now his dad agrees but unfortunately I think we maybe need to have a inpatient week stay at the hospital so the drs can adjust his meds and treatments. Tonight was another night of no sleep worrying about him.

Good morning everybody. It is 3:10 am and I have been up since 1:30 so it is going to be a rough day.


Good morning garden type folk. How is everyone doing? Welcome to the garden @Piezy pull up a lawn chair and have a puff or two and enjoy the fine folks of the garden and of ILGM. This is a great and knowledgeable bunch of happy folk.

GM @jmlove123 @Screwauger @AnneBonny @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd @BIGE @ntmaremach @North_East_Newbie Have a great day!!!


gee awful quiet in here this morning.