Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


I know sweet Boo!!


See @Screwauger you have to watch out too! @Willd


And now we’re old and stupid…“we will survive!”


And THAT, stoner friend, is what you have to focus on.


Happy Birthday @Bogleg!


Happy Happy @Bogleg :birthday:


Happy Birthday @Bogleg!


good morning garden!


Good morning @BIGE good morning gardeners!! Had a great day yesterday got a lot done on my grow room build. It was like 50f and melted away a bunch of the snow and ice. Today calling for rain and mild for winter. Have a great day. @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Capt_Seeweed @SmoknGranny @Screwauger @North_East_Newbie @ntmaremach @Nug-bug and everyone else I missed.


i seen that you made some great progress on the shed @Smokin_ernie
i hope you didn’t cook all the beacon last night!


Yeah @BIGE made mad progress yesterday! I might even get to do some more this afternoon. It is really starting to come together. I got to hit the store for a few more odds and ends. I am very close to starting it up and see how it runs. Just got to get my temp gauges and what not working so I can monitor. The only big item left to get is some kind of heat source. I have a few in mind. So very close. I was kind of planning to have it ready to go march 1st but it maybe soon.

Unfortunately all the bacon was cooked and consumed. We had great BLT thou


Bubblegum bowl pack.

If I were limited to indoor growing, I’d definitely follow @Smokin_ernie’s lead and frame out a grow room instead of using tents if everything else lined up right.

Yes I’m so desperate to shed some weight I shaved!


Good Morning Gardeners!

Have a good day!


You too dood. Great day for some BBA!


Thanks!! It is going to be the bomb! haha I just can’t wait till we get a garage built so that I can use the whole shed instead of sharing with a workshop and storage.

GM @Screwauger


Good morning everyone the temps are on the way up here. Hope everyone has a great day.


Good rainy Sunday morning.
Been puttering around my garden.
Not much to report. One sick daughter, so looks like it will be a relaxing, watch movies kind of day with her. Hope you all enjoy it!
@Willd, barely recognized you. Looking 10 years younger buddy!


@Willd it’s still too cold to have lost that beard, no?

Happy belated birthday @Bogleg.

Spent the day peeling wallpaper from the kitchen yesterday (PITA - what was I thinking 20 years ago when I put that up?) so my hands, hips and lower back are on fire today. After I water the garden I will be patching nail and screw holes and sanding today and hopefully my husband and his friend (who is not working at the moment and looking for things to fill his day) will get it painted this week.

I’m in crunch time to get things done before the wedding in June as we plan to put the house on the market shortly after that. It’s rainy and gloomy here today so good for inside projects. Have a wonderful Sunday.


good rainy Sunday morning forum folks…

“Woke up, fell out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup”

I got my stash and packed a bong
My eyes and limbs got heavy so that’s the end of that song.

I started chanting

“Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle,” Dred
Time for this one to go back to bed

I meant to foliar feed early but the lights had come on so put that off till this evening.
I was also going to water, but what felt light yesterday didn’t feel so light this morning, so another day for that.

another bong (and another😉), back to bed I went.


So a coule days or so ago I took off a little top bud from the gsc autp to have to dryin and to just see where we’re at. So today it is finally dry enough and I tested the whole little thing and I am surprised at how potent this thing is. It got me pretty well fadded and feeling it jist a little over 5-10 minutes after 1st inhale. She had that gsc signature flavor to her, but it wasn’t very prominent. I think after another few weeks or maybe sooner she’ll be ready to chop. Hope y’all are having a good weekend :v: