Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Good Morning Gardeners ! It is 46 degrees f here and is heading for a high of 29 today. We are forecast for freezing rain tonight and snow tomorrow. Guess it is time to bring out the vape and watch the Olympics IF they can ever stop the figure skating.

I had a stroke of luck last night before lights out last night. I found a large bud of S. kush from my last grow that I stashed for a rainy day and forgot about it. Today is a rainy day so that bud is mostly doomed. For those that are not believing in curing, this bud is the strongest out of the plant, and the taste is out of this world ! ! It smells like fruit and tastes sweet. It was sealed in a small mason jar and hidden in a jewelery box in my gun safe with a Boveda 62% in the jar. I opened the jar and the smell was awesome.

Gonna go check on my lady and feed her today. Will increase the Sensi-Grow to 4ml each and Golden Tree 4ml, all pH’d to 6.4.

Wooooo Hoooo - just opened an e-mail and my Grand Daddy Purple and Northern Lights are on the way ! More awesome additions to my seed bank. Ya’ll have a great day and stay warm. Jerry :us: :sunglasses:


@Willd stay warm and try not to work too hard on snow removal.

@Tylan hope your back gets better soon. Back pain is no fun at all. I have scoliosis not bad enough to surgically correct but it is bad enough that it affects my hip so I have hip and lower back pain on and off.

@Bogleg Happy birthday i hope you have a wonderful day.

@Countryboyjvd1971 our weather sounds like yours today lots of rain witch means rinsing the dog off after every time she goes out. Lol

Good morning to everyone else i missed. Lol I hope you have a wonderful day and stay warm and dry. :slight_smile: I might go to the big box store later and get stuff to make a hydro system. :upside_down_face:


Nope and never will get one of those


Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! The spousal unit has given me the day to do what I want… so I’m spending most of it in and around the garden. Have a light to build today, some Arduino projects I want to get started on to develop my own phone-controlled power switches and light timers (and eventually dimmers), and I have to figure out the direction I want to take for the remainder of my grow. I’m on trich watch now so you know how it is… when is the right time.


Happy birthday @Bogleg!


Happy birthday brother @Bogleg


Morning Gardeners!! Surprise!!

No sledding today and likely done for the season. I am sad, mad and generally upset about it however; it was an inevitable juncture looming in the distance for one reason, or another.

Suffice to say, the gents I ride with have in the past been as enthusiastic about the sport as I. That is no longer the case. I am not interested in “token rides” or placation by half measures. It’s insulting, manipulative and a host of other adjectives that are likely not appropriate forum fodder.

It’s fine. I keep telling myself that while at the same time, completing CL and Uncle Henry’s ad’s for the likely sale of my machine. It stings especially hard because for the past several yrs I resisted the “a;ways recommended” pre-season" maintenance that my buddy swears by. So, to stop the bellyaching I agreed. $321 dollars later my sled has started hard all season like a carb is not adj properly, has intermittent electric start, is eating oil and belts like no tomorrow and has been back to the mechanic once. Oh and both ski’s have worn so poorly you can see daylight through them. Add in belts and oil and we are up to $526 invested in the season (not counting fuel) and NO BODY WANTS TO RIDE.

It’s been a good run, I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it. I’ve tolerated a great deal of “personality quirk” for the benefit of having my sled hauled to/from local areas where the riding is supreme. These gents both bought new to them, much newer/modern sleds in the past year and yet every darn weekend, they are too busy with other aspects of their lives that for the past 8 years have always taken a back seat to riding.

Thanks for listening. Hope you all are having a great day. The ladies in my life are happy as I am devoting the afternoon to doing their income taxes. Me, I am enjoying the increasing cure on this ILGM BBA, it is excellent smoke!!

In closing I will say one more thing about sledding. When the guys updated their rides I knew it was the beginning of the end for me. My sled is way past it’s prime and is nearing a plce where it would be best retired to draging supplies into camp or to the ice shack as opposed to 1000 mile excursions in the great north woods. The pressure to upgrade has been real and the lack of enthusiasm seems directly tied to not wanting to ride with “that guy.”

Rant over. Peace. I need a new snowblower anyway and my GF wants to get a Harley so, onward!!!



I haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, my exposure is limited, the shot is so-so effective, not the best excuses but they are all I have, atm.


Happy Birthday @Bogleg Have a great day!!!


I know you will be careful :hugs:. Doesn’t mean I can’t worry as that’s what a good SmoknGranny does! :heart:


I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Keep your fluids up and rest. :hugs:


@Screwauger that sucks to have to give up something you love. Think of it this way though if you gf gets a Harley then instead of looking forward to the weekends of snow you may look forward to the weekends of clear sky’s and rides with you love.

Hope you have fun doing taxes I am doing mine tomorrow when the kids are at there dads lol


Have a Great Smokn Birthday @Bogleg :birthday::beers::balloon::balloon::balloon:


Good morning everyone. Supposed to get 5 inches of snow tonight, all that is left is where it was piled up from plowing and shoveling at this point!. Happy Birthday @Bogleg. Sorry about your snowmobiling issues @Screwauger, that kind of stinks, since you love it so much! @jmlove123 I hope your son’s toe is better today :slight_smile: @daz49, feel better soon. @Laurap Yummmmmmmmm, I am missing @bob31, hope he is doing OK, things sure are quiet without him around. Not too late to get your flu shots people, even if they aren’t all that effective, it surely can lessen the effects of the virus in your body! Take care and have an amazing day :heart: :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie he hasn’t chewed it anymore so that is good now we just have to get though the healing time. We call him our little ninja. Thanks Lol stay warm


Happy, Happy Birthday @Bogleg


Good Morning Garden and a special good morning and Happy Birthday to @Bogleg


-18f wind chill -26f or -28c with -32c wind

My boss has same complaint it’s part of getting older rides are harder on the body and more and more of your old sledding partners find rides more and more painful to recover from. Fortunately you didn’t splurge on a new sled like many here do thinking that newer is more comfy to ride and would solve the problem. It sucks


2018 Winter Cannalympics Tryathalon (try every strain on hand)

Going for the GOLD (Gold Leaf) but I’d settle for SILVER (Super Silver Haze)