Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


@North_East_Newbie we use shredded Italian cheese. Yummy


Yum! My kids have always called parmesan cheese “shaker cheese”, so the nick name stuck. LOL


yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @jmlove123


I lost a friend back in the 70’s who YES over dosed on mushrooms :mushroom:. No one in our group touched shrooms again. So @Laurap PLEASE be careful.


sorry to hear this @SmoknGranny,that would leave a mark on me too…


It did on many. Besides … do you REALLY want to ingest something that grows in the dark and in sh!t and tastes like :poop: :joy:


Well we’re totally getting clobbered with bands of heavy snow. Forecast was for 1-3" by the time it changes to rain at about 9AM but there’s already 3-4" and not nearly out of the woods quite yet. MrsWillD left in nearly whiteout conditions.


thank goodness it was above freezing here last night or i believe we could have gotten a foot of snow @Willd
i would hate to send my better half into those conditions!
and good morning!


Certainly isn’t my first choice! Keeping an eye to the sky as the air temp is rising rapidly. I want to get it blown out before the transition to rain because sadly the rain will not be enough to just wash it away and will turn it all into 1/2" thick layer of ice come nightfall.

Strawberry Kush for the glass blunt.

Latest imagery shows the snow is moving on out for a little period before rain comes.

:+1: :+1:
It’s up to 28° from 22° when we got up. I’m gonna take 10 minutes to “suit up” and go play with my Gravely for 30-40 minutes. The town plow just went by so that’s pretty much my cue. OK a few more hits and I’m out!


This morning vape brought to you by gold leaf! good morning garden dwellers got lots planned for today!


Go for the Gold! Gold Leaf, that is!


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, not been sleeping well again, coughing and puking, thought I was over this, so worn out but hey it’ll get better I’m sure ,and it’s still freezing here, day wrapped up in my dressing gown I think

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan @Coltfire @Smokin_ernie @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971


@Willd haha I will be going for the gold all day! Good morning @daz49 hope you feel better.


I will Boo. I never would of thought of doing these again but they were gifted. ( perks of being a bartender i get all kinds of weird crap)


Morning all! Must have slept wrong lower back is in some pain this morning hopefully a heating pad will do the trick.

Stay warm @Willd. Is that the new gravely you went to CT for have you but gotten that yet?

I’m sorry to hear that @daz49. I sure hope that passes!


good morning forum folks…I was out walking with the dogs, getting ready for Spring…temps are just above freezing and the low spots in the yard are huge frozen puddles almost a skating rink with heavy rain on the way…

aches and pains abound…did everyone get your flu shots?

:boom: Happy Birthday @Bogleg :boom:


What kabongster said lol
Good morning garden going to be warm and rainy im working but you all have a good day :v:


No, this one is my go to for the bull work even though its only 8hp. I was going to go down today but with the weather here being what it is and my indecision between another less expensive walk behind or a ride on has put a delay on it.

I’m guessing if it’s enough snow to warrant scraping out with the plow blade that’s attached to the broken down walk behind, its’ enough to warrant using the snow cannon attached to the bigger one for now. I have family in RI and the guy I’ve been dealing with in Woodstock has way more Gravelys than there are Gravely customers in that market so I’m just going to hold off until I go down to visit my Mom in spring.


wise decision,in my opinion…lol
happy slappy @Bogleg


Happy Birthday @Bogleg