Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Yep that’s how they were when I had them last too. I ate mine and washed it down with a beer :smiley: I would start with one shroom.


Best to take afew caps and stems and just eat them fast @Laurap have a cold beer to wash it back lol at least thats how i used to do it lol


@Willd that sucks you didn’t sleep well. Hope your day goes better. Good luck on your adventure today.


Good morning everyone. It is 29 now and getting up to 51 today. So I spent the morning breaking up the 2 inches of ice over the outside drain so I don’t end up with a flood downstairs. Lol :joy: @Laurap I have only done mushrooms once and I put it on a piece of pizza. Lol that was about 13 years ago. Back then our weekends were go to my ex husband family farm drink, smoke our wonderful green, take x and try not to get killed on the 4 wheelers and motorcycles. The days of being young and stupid.


@Laurap @North_East_Newbie Peanut butter is the way to go. I used to do a one piece of bread stem and a cap and lot of peanut butter. Yes freeze dried looking is the way I remember.


Its been like 30yrs since ive done them but No guts No glory! Not off work till Mon but ill let yall know how the 70s were revisited.


Good morning everyone ,i hope your all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s sunny here but freezing cold brrr, have a great day everyone ,I’m just wrapping up warm

@Willd @Smokin_ernie @Coltfire @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971


Here’s (one) of my stories:

I was in photography in high school and maybe can remember the old 35 mm film canisters? One day, hard up for weed, my two stoner friends and I (all in photography) went through about 50 of them looking for enough to roll a joint. We lucked out, got our doobie rolled and jumped in the car for a drive and smoke. We tossed all of the empties in the glove box.

We were using a big glass charger and Lee, the driver, is sucking on it as a CHP officer goes by. In a panic, the half joint goes in the ashtray and the charger hidden. That cop spent 20 minutes opening film canisters, never looked in the ashtray and wrote a ticket for the paraphernalia. As soon as he drove off we smoked the rest lol.


We used to put them in water and boil them then take them out and squeeze all the juice out of them back into pan with rest of water with 2 spoons then make coffee or tea and look out you were in for one hell of a trip…I would just throw out the slimy mush leftover but did have one friend who would eat it… There’s no reason to eat it 1 cup of coffee or tea was enough he used to say waste not want not and eat those slimy suckers lol @Laurap




I think @Willd ownes one of those vans hahahahah
Happy Friday all lol


Hey guys just a heads up
February 2018 bud of the month contest is open for entries
Hope to see some awesome buds
@Screwauger did you get pictures of the bba ???


Happy Friday @daz49 keep those giant buds warm brother!


LOL. I’m waiting on a report as his warmest jacket was a light weight leather jacket! Good news is he’s doing inside remodeling construction.


Luck him @SmoknGranny
15 years ago i could have hooked him up lol


I’m thinking of starting a pool to see how long he lasts :rofl:


Its going to be 45-50 tomorrow he’ll get a little break but it wont last long


Scrolling through my instagram feed and this popped up.


Thanks for info! I have No desire to chew up something that tastes similar to hay & mold. Lol


How does he know what hay and mold tastes like unless he’s tried it. lol