Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


@ntmaremach, @Screwauger, great stories. I guess we have all dodged a bullet one time or another.


That snow looks so familiar I had to push my outer boot room door open this morning the 6-8" I thought looking out my window was over 12" since all the snow blew off my roof and filled the void which I made in driveway. Took almost 3 hours to shovel since my blower was being a pain the banks around my driveway are over 5’ now and close to 3’ in my yard some places level with my 5’ fence lmao.


GOOOOOD FRIDAY morning gardeners. it is going to be a great day I can already feel it. Hoping for an early release from work today so to get home and finish my grow room build.


I see @Willd just popped in. Morning Gang!

TGIF and Brrrrrr 1.2° here in the Dirty Lew.
Have a great day peeps!



TGIF to you and the rest of the gang Ernie.
I was sleepwalking when I went to bed and only half filled the stove. It was just about dead when we got up at 4:15, so figured what the heck and fully cleaned and vac’d just like I did yesterday AM.

Ha ha ha. I really need to remember to take a canna cap or 2 before bed to help me sleep. Those Snickers I mentioned 5-10 posts ago need to go. I need to stop putting so many calories into my system.

I was up every couple of hours with wicked acid reflux and general feeling of malaise and anxiety about going to CT tomorrow to pick up another antique Gravely walking tractor to replace the one that I run my snow blade, bush hog, and sickle bar attachments with. No one around here can remove the shot starter clutch without damaging the crank, so i’ll strip some good parts off it and roll it to the curb for the scrappers. If I could get it run one more time, I could probably get it into the bed of my Junk F-150 and get it all gone at once.


Good morning gents @Willd @Screwauger

balmy 18f here! Good luck going to CT. I could probably use a capsule or 2 before bed. I hear a little noise in the middle of the night and I am awake. 4am today.


I’ve always considered my early rising as a family curse. My father was ALWAYS up before the sun. So am I generally.

I too was up at 4 but woke at 3:45 and just layed there cranking up my anxiety level thinking about stuff.

Hopefully things go well @Willd
Big Baby Shower here this weekend. My GF os off today making final prep. I’m actually glad I have to work!

Have a great day Folks and check out BBA2 in my journal


SO is it just me?

Or do these last two hits somehow make me look 2 shades cooler?



Not just you, Man the temp just dropped another degree just looking at ya @Willd


cooler for sure in the last 2


I really love what smoking weed does for me and my weed smoking friends. It just seems to lighten the load all the expectations of daily living place on us somehow.

It’s probably all the laughing…
This topic in particular has really become a comfortable second online home to some of the finest and most humorous humans I’ve ever had the pleasure and privilege to converse with.


Here Here!! @Willd I look forward to this one particular myself. I check in all the time and really has become home for me as well. Laughing always helps.


Hahaha i used to live in levittown @SmoknGranny to bad that was 15 years ago
Hope he stays warm lol
Good morning folks hope everyone is well and gardens green
17 this morning and warming up into the mid 40s by tomorrow at the house so woohoo
Mid 50s in NYC not bad since ill be working tomorrow morning
Have a great say all and :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Anyone that vapes I just read a pretty neat article about the optimal vape temperature. At different temps different cannabinoids and terpenes are released. Do google search for “optimal vape temp” it was like the second one down.


Hahaha i love it @Smokin_ernie this is a subject ive been doing research on Along with the eco Cannabnoid system
And how it all works together theres some interesting material out there for sure
I belong to a group called green flower media that holds video confrences on all sorts of Cannabis related topics with leading doctors ans scientists in the industry


That is awesome! I have to check them out. I have had my vape for a long time and just went with the guy at the store suggested for settings and never really played around with different temps. The vape I have has a setting that you can turn on so the temp ramps up. I start at 370 and got to 410. After reading this article I will be trying different temps and do some more reading.


Good morning everyone…the cape must be the hot spot in New England at 21’
@Willd I went to bed and didn’t stoke the wood stove…but going now…I blame the bourbon…lol. Have a great Friday growers… :thermometer:


Good morning folks, ive got a question. I was gifted 3 grams of mushrooms. I really must be old cause i looked at them & WTF? Back in the day we would find ours in cow pastures & they were slimy & black so youd pop into freezer & eat a few. These are like freeze dried looking & im imagining tastes of mold & straw. How in the world do you get them down & whats a reasonable amount to ingest?


lol,start small @Laurap,pulverize it and mix into a shot of warm water,or whatever you have to chug it down quick…lol those things are nasty tasting…
if your are looking for soothing exp. start low
if you want to trip add more…
been a long time since i’ve tried any,so the newer stuff may be stronger. be careful


A few years back I found mushrooms I had tucked away in an old humidor. They must have been 2-3 years old. They still did the trick, but lost some of their potency. Can’t go wrong with a stem & a cap to start. Move on from there…
I used to eat mine with peanut butter to mask the taste