Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Hahaha me too @Smokin_ernie
Smokie before they kick in
But i know when they do


Yes can definitely know when they kick in.


Haha you sound just as inpatient as in am lol @Smokin_ernie


Haha yes when it comes to smoking/edibles I can be! LOL @Countryboyjvd1971


Hi gardeners, cold and wet here today, hope your all doing well and your grows are doing great ,have a good day

@Coltfire @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan @Capt_Seeweed


Good day @daz49


Good day bro, hope your doing well


Im good brother just at work hahaha
Ate a few brownies for breakfast a few hours ago almost ready for lunch and a after lunch smoke lol


Morning all, wanted to share something with you. Two weeks ago I decided to clean out a closet at the back of the house. This is the closet where I kept all of my scrub sets and work shoes. Anyway, had sold 92 sets of scrubs, tossed out a bunch of shoes, etc back in the summer. Fast forward. I open the closet and what do I see but stems of my gold leaf hanging on hangers to dry. OMG, in my defense, the GL was awful, at least back in October when I put about 8 stems hanging and several stems into a large paper bag and checked them after a week and still awful, not quite dry, etc, and they had been through hell, harvested too early, spider mite issues, cannabilization of itself due to nute lock out and on and on… So these were the stems in the paper bag

. They were half-arsed trimmed before putting them in there. I jarred them up 2 weeks ago, after trimming a bit better and put them in a jar and have been burping them every day. Yesterday I decided to try one, here is the bud. and this is the bottom of my screened grinder after making her smokable. . Frankly I am amazed but this stuff is pretty smokable, has a decent “high” more body than head. I guess the saving grace is that the closet is drafty and stays at about 52 degrees in the winter. Only goes to show, never give up! Right conditions and temperatures for this particular plant at this particular time. :green_heart: :seedling:


@daz49 morning ,from other side , sun is out ,will be 96°f today ,blue Sky’s all the way, may have to go to the beach, , hi to all other garden dwellers, hope your all good and grows even better.


Evening all. Been in a lurky mood lately. Was wife’s birthday this week and was working on building a scrog and stand out of pvc:

I hope to be back to regular scheduled programming now :slight_smile:


@Tylan, I don’t know you that well but doesn’t sound like you dude. Hope things are cool with ya. Ya’ll have fun at the birthday. Kick back and enjoy life. Lurky Mood or Murky, they both sound a bit bummerish.


It’s all good @Flyr I appreciate that. Her birthday was Monday and I survived phew lol. Daughter was sick this week as well so just an all around busy time. Easier to just lurk and catch highlights haha. I have a bunch of topics to catch up on :yum:


Good afternoon Garden. If anyone is near Levittown, NY please keep an eye out for a freezing Florida Cracker :rofl:. It might be my nephew!!!


Love the new avatar @SmoknGranny!


Thanks. I’m making a LOT of changes in my life right now :grimacing:


Change can be good. Good for you for noticing that something needs changing some people can’t see that even if you point it out.

Welcome back @Tylan


Thanks for your encouragement my friend :hugs: Sometimes a person needs to take a deep breath, re-evaluate, make changes and go forward :+1:.


Love it.

I have a similar tale.
In our rural area growing up, the number one activity of those that liked to “party” was to Cruise East Bumf*ck. It was not uncommon to travel 250 miles on a friday night and never hit a major highway (avoiding the cops). Case of beer bag of weed and some good tunes and off we would go.

One Friday eve, for one reason or another we drove not too far out of town and pulled over on a very back road near a swamp. We had a fresh ounce, a bottle of vodka and a gallon of orange juice. This would have been 1979. My buddy was driving and I was in the passenger seat with two friends in the back of a huge old buick. The glove box had a light bright enough to read by and we were all telling stories and drinking screwdrivers out of red solo cups. I was rolling bones on the glove box “door.”

A state police car rolls by, up to the top of the hill about a quarter mile past us. Panic. Reverse lights come on, I close the glove box, open bag and all and others hid the vodka but we kept our solos cups (baked). No emergency lights but he basically rolls backwards, stops in front of us and comes to the drivers window. Small talk ensues where we explain we are all just talking about girls/women and he laughed with us, real creepy. He says what are you boys drinking and we proudly display the OJ jug and say just some OJ officer. He chuckles and says, “Come on now, you mean if I were to smell that there wouldn’t be any alcohol in there at all?” No sir we said. He laughed again and proceeded to lecture us about finding a better place to sit and talk as the side of the road was not the best spot. We thanked him nervously and he went on up the road, over the hill and out of sight. We were like machines. I secured the dope and while my buddy was turning the car around a guy in the back sent the half drunk bottle of vodka soaring into the swamp. We drove back into town and went to a local bar (drinking age in NY was 18).
Short while later we see two state troopers come into the bar, talk to the staff and leave. We heard they were looking for the owners of a buick in the parking lot. How we did it I do not know but we evaded them, took three friends home and my buddy went home.
Next morning he calls me, I just got arrested and received an appearance ticket for town court. I said what the F for and my buddy says, “littering.” That cop saw us throw the bottle into the swamp.
I went with my buddy when he appeared before the justice of the peace in that town and the sentence was: Community Service, my friend had to return to the area we were parked and pick up trash on the side of the road.
We could have been so screwed!


Great one, I guess we lived our youthful years at the right time. I always had a mustache and a good friend of mine is a blonde. We met up with another couple friends who were also like us. One blonde and one dark hair with a mustache. We did a little partying and then decided to head closer to where they lived and figured it would be easier to thumb if we split up. We headed in different directions and would meet up at their house. We ended up walking because of no ride and didn’t know how the other two made out. Almost there we decided to stop at a pizza shop and get a pizza due to the munchies. After getting our pizza we went next door to a store and bought something to drink. We went outside the store to eat the pizza is a small shed and I seen a cop car go by. I told my buddy we should ditch the weed and lucky we did because the cop came back and checked us for drugs or whatever. He brought us into the store where we bought the drinks and the clerk said Yes those are the two who came in here swearing and giving me a hard time. We didn’t know what the clerk was talking about, all we did was buy something to drink. We were released and after the cop left we took our weed and left. Once we met up with the other two friends we told them the story and they started laughing as they were the two giving the clerk a hard time. We almost got caught for something we didn’t even do. lol