Thoughts from the evening garden


Thanks for the kind words @SmoknGranny


Morning/ evening i just tried to start a journal, but have found that there is no button to hit to start new thread, and that was in all categories, i even signed out and back in and the same, and since the up grade i only have a very small page as its only half the screen


Been doing my usual nosing around t’interweb after something jumped into my head, and I’ve just found out that I ain’t as stupid as I thought I was with my love of hot sauce as it can not only help with weight control but also help with other things like blood sugar and insulin levels and inflammation.

Now, the studies they did involved Cayenne and the benefits were clear. The stuff I have is “slightly” stronger since there’s Chipotle, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero/Reaper, Reaper and, of course, the dreaded 1 million plus Scoville oil so I think me using the sauces like ketchup, or just shovelling a teaspoon or three down per day, should have the desired effect on the diabetes front and may well help with my pain levels thanks to my body going wild with the endorphin release giving me the natural equivalent of an opiate hit.

And the Reaper certainly clears the sinuses out!


Bought something called a Click N Vape. It’s not a vape, but it’s excellent for using while outside/on the move. Super cheap & actually does work. It’s basically a bullet type hitter attached to a butane torch, lighter & bowl all in one. Plus, you can take off the bowl & smoke it as a traditional bullet OR use the butane torch w/o the bullet. It’s a bit harsh, but when you’re on the move & just need a few tokes, it’s perfect.


Sorry to hear you lost a valued member of your family. I still remember all four that I have lost. Luckily, they all lived a happy life and got to do the thing they loved best - hunting pheasants ! They are all waiting for me to come home to them. I loved them more than many people.


Thanks for the kind words @TxGrowman, hoping all is well with you brother


That’s not difficult, people in general suck…except stoners, of course.


@DieHigh55 yep


Took a photo of an old pump. I think this would make a craaaaaaaaazy bong, don’t you?


Duty done, SWMBO wanted to go to the local "kermis " where, as usual, I showed the locals how to use the evil, deadly, assault air rifles (hey, we all know of people who WILL declare that such shooting galleries take you one step away from being a spree killer). So that means we have a couple of little gifts for her Godson and his brother, and there was a little bit of fun.


So nothing on TV tonight, so SWMBO has been introduced to some classic Robin Williams.

Yup, it’s time for Mork and Mindy.

Nanu Nanu


Dropped a BGA in a rock wool cube Saturday. It’s a nice little sprout today. Love those rock wool cubes!


Sitting outside this morning. 71 degrees and and clear blue skies. Weather forecast for the next week is highs in the low 80’s and overnight lows in the low to mid-70’s. I’ve got a little 11 lb brisket in my cooker for later today. It’s a little too quiet though. My wife took our girls up to the mountains yesterday to hang out with her cousins and all the nieces and nephews. She sent me this pic yesterday.


Always the same, isn’t it, you look forward to the lack of noise, then find that means too much of a lack of noise.

You can never find that “happy medium”, not without Motorhead turned up to 15


Guess I am late for evening Garden but on the other hand I guess I am just the first early one for the evening today? Hope everyone is doing well. I an getting anxious to start my next grow, I believe it will be GDP. Heard many good reports on it.

Working on getting accurate with my bow, season is only 60 days away. Seems like I come alive in the fall, has always been my favorite time of the year. I am going to NYS for my 45th HS Class reunion. Going to take my bow and buy an out of state permit. Going to give it to my sister and an old friend that has run on hard times back home. We went to school together for 11 years.

Can’t wait to see the old hunting grounds again. Haven’t hunted there in 30 years. Still plenty of big deer available in the area I lived in.

Have a great evening. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Evening all. Just a quick pic tonite of my little BGA chugging along outside. Been hot here every day with a good afternoon shower to keep the pot damp. Hope y’alls gardens are doing well. We’re about half way home.


Green snickerdoodles fresh outta the oven…

I used cannabis coconut butter and cannabis flour


Got a rotten nasal headache and it’s killing me!!!


Popped a BGA. Trying to get a final grow in at the end of the auto season.


Send some +++ vibes this way. Going in for the big question shortly: Hey Baby, what you say if I threw up the tent for 75 days while I grow a little sumthin’ sumthin’??