Thoughts from the evening garden


Hey, @daz49, are you ready for the calmness and peace and quiet now that May has figured out what she wants from Brexit?

Oh, hang on a minute, change that to “Are you ready for ANOTHER election because I think the backside is away to fall out of May’s so-called Government”…


I don’t get involved in the politics of our country buddy as what I think ain’t never gonna make a difference, not for me or any of us normal people were just the common folk, were only any good for milking as cash cows with the taxes


Move over here and you’ll know what taxes are.

But that doesn’t apply to me because we also have this wonderful little sca… scheme where you declare yourself and your partner as “living together legally”, which gives you the same tax benefits as a married couple. The zinger is that you only have to be adults and can only do this once at a time, otherwise any two people living together in the same house, father and son, grandmother and granddaughter, hetro couple, gay couple, brother and sister, two workmates sharing the rent, it matters not one jot and BANG there’s several grand off your tax bill.

Darned right me and the missus signed that paper, I get almost €2500 back from the tax man this year, been treating the money they held back from my wages when I was working as a savings fund for a few years now. So when that money goes into my bank, usually in October, I get to go 100% debt free, freeing up not only ahem per month but also leaving me with an emergency cash reserve for life.

The other thing you have that we don’t is that you don’t have our cluster of an electoral system which can only ever deliver coalition governments, meaning that every “government” is a compromise and absolutely nothing changes. The new world record between the time between an election and forming a government, beating IRAQ and that was a bleeding war zone, tells you how much of a farce it is here and why you should be grateful you actually do have a choice in who governs you.


Let’s talk about pot, not politics. Go smoke a bowl or something.


No, we’ll talk about Belgium beating France tonight, for one has a 6 pack of Vlaamsche Leeuwe beer ready to drop in the fridge for the final if we do.


And don’t forget to smoke a bowl or seven.


Got beer, got weed, hoping for the joys of the French being defeated but, in all honesty, as someone who is not usually a fan of soccer this is one match I would not want to miss because both teams are absolutely on fire and, more importantly, BELIEVE.

Tomorrow, alas, may be the step too far for such a young England team, but they can still hold their heads high knowing that such a young team, with so much to learn as they grow, have reached this stage.

It’s not often you’ll hear a Scotsman say such a thing, but the England team can hold their heads high no matter what happens tomorrow, they’ve done themselves proud.


Well, we lost 1-0. The dream is over, but at least we’ll get a chance to beat England again in the third place play off.


Evening all.

Well, another day has gone by, and to show support for England tonight we are going to have a traditional English meal.

Home made Doner Kebab washed down with weak beer.

Meanwhile, back in Scotland, the locals be like

Have a nice one, everyone, I am here because it’s FINALLY cooled down a bit!! WOOHOO!!!


As I sit here about ready for bed, I reckon most folks have been busy with their gardens. I’ve been “coaching” my friend I gifted two plants to. One was an auto and is starting to flower. They are quite excited by this development. The other has a ways to go but is getting tall. I gave them some FF Grow Big today. I wish you all the best. I’m high. Good night!


Looks like fun. Wish I could go ! :us::man_farmer:


2 of my little one’s just napping, hi everyone I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, i hope everyone is having a good evening


It’s officially evening somewhere, so that means the end of a very strange first half and beer o’clock. First up is that surprisingly good Hawaiian IPA, which will be followed up with some cheeky wee blonde Flemish Lions.

That’s going to be around the point I pass out.

Have a good Shatterday evening!


They think it’s all over, it is now. Belgium gets third place in the World Cup for the first time ever in what was truly a strange match.

I mean, both teams had an easy group phase, the same group, but both teams did make it to the consolation round, with Belgium fighting like tigers for every inch of the field to win against Japan, and then playing “the beautiful game” against Brazil. But tonight? That was no Cup winning team, and they would not have won against another team like they did tonight.

Meanwhile, the amusing side of things is a national electrical chain said that anyone who bought a new TV during the Cup would get their money back if Belgium scored 15 goals. I do believe that the result means just that. Oopsie!!


WooHoo!! We just had a nice thunderstorm and it’s still raining.

As usual, cats showed how much a storm bothers them by barely twitching an ear as the thunder came rolling in.


Getting ready to hit this gravity bong full of resin. Blech. I smoked all my work-herb & won’t be going home until Thursday night.

Last bowl of anything worth smoking until Thursday. Here’s to er resin scrapes!


Lol, im in same boat. No buds till friday except some shake someone gave me thats really stemy and leafy, its horrid. Id rather smoke resin then something that belongs in the garbage lol. @blackthumbbetty


I hate resin, but boy does it get the job done! Sadly, nothing left to scrape. Only about 36 hours until I’m home.


Yeah im out of resin too, was scraping dab reclaims aswell lol @blackthumbbetty


If I could I’d help you all out with some samples to get you over the hump! Been in the reclaim type position too many times…it helps but it’s not fun.

Hope otherwise that folks are doing well. Here in the Northeast US it’s like Florida migrated up the coast this summer (or I’m getting soft with age). The humidity and heat has been just brutal but this eve, it’s cool and drier and very pleasant!! Here’s my motto: