Thoughts from the evening garden


I seem to post more during the evening and thought I’d throw this one out there and see where it goes! I know I see some folks post more a night as well.

Got my Mango Kush into her forever home today, a 7 gallon smart pot right as lights came on in the tent. Dropped (2) Bublegum autos I got on the Memorial Day 2fer sale. (Actually it was a 10+10 free sale!!)

Tonight I’m taking the family out to dinner. Got a little somethin’ somethin’ extra in the paycheck today, so the family gets to celebrate too!! My wife is a stay-at-home mom so she works harder than me most days. She gets deserves the night out just as much as I do.


Have a great night out!


awesome @GetbackJoJo,have fun!


Right on
Sweet strains
Love the evening garden thing we have a morning garden thread what a great thread for the night owls!!
Well done my friend keep up the good work my friend

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She does deserve a night out
Good man!!


What’s this? We have an evening garden now? Lol. Great idea.

Lol, I already posted here and I didn’t even notice.


I’m tickled pink by you saying that. There’s a few who never realize how hard stay at home moms and dads work. :hugs:


amen sista!


Good evening, everyone. How’s everybody doing? Me? I’m smoking a bowl of my last harvest.


I’m recovering from another one of my weekend MJ gardening days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Updates to come on my thread if I don’t crash.

My youngest had a soccer tournament in the middle of Massachusetts so we were on the road from the Cape around 5:15 this morning. I am a very tired mama just now hitting the forum.

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!


Chillin in my easy chair. Enjoyed some fine herb earlier this evening. Spent the afternoon at a birthday party for one of my youngest daughter’s friends. It was a little awkward. Maybe next time I’ll make sure to take my daughter with me. (That’s a joke folks!!)

Tomorrow I’m going to start work on a backyard pond. My father-in-law wants to wing it. I’m too controlling to go that route. I’ll probably measure it and then let him think we’re winging it.

Thinking of moving my MK out to the new greenhouse. Got it secured after the storm incident last week. Been keeping a track of temps and such. The new location is perfect! Plenty of direct morning sun with afternoon shade. I cut extra cross breeze windows and will add a fan to help move the air around. I can’t seem to get the temp down in the tent in the garage.

Hope everyone had an awesome Saturday!! Make Sunday a great one!!


I’m thoroughly enjoying the movie, “Florence Foster Jenkins”. What a sad, sad hoot.

On weekends, I can only smoke after the wifey goes to bed. :grinning: I’ll be back high as a kite, soon enough.

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good morning garden…
hoping everyone has a wonderful day!


Good morning @BIGE
Hope your doing well


doing good @Nug-bug,ditto!

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Got high, then spent an hour battling 2 spiders in my bath tub. I just wanted to freaking shower, but noooooooooooo-oooooooo.

Now I’m not sleeping due to a severe case of the heebie jeebies.

I am still very high, so that’s a plus. :grinning:


I like the evening garden concept. Do I post when it’s evening in Belgium? That would be afternoon in the US and maybe January in Australia I guess.


@DieHigh55 It’s whenever you want. That’s the cool thing about this site that Robert has created. My morning may be your evening or your next Thursday. The fact we can connect with other farmers all around the world to share and get knowledge is such an awesome thing!!


Evenin’ all (Jeez, I sound like a copper).

So as I settle before the little race from Gilles Villeneuve, I give you this wee thing I found on my little auto, with a standard 330ml/11oz soda can.

Looks “sufficient” to me, and it ain’t the only one like that.


Good evening everyone, just finished baking some chocolate chip cookies and I did it right this time

I read the pack wrong last time and added to much water lol but right this time

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