Thoughts and opinions on COB lighting systems


How’s the flatness? The finned ones may work if you have a good thermal bond.

I’m not really sure on the qb’s on exactly what’s needed to run at what temp. The pcb does a really good job of dispersing heat, but there’s not a lot of fins on that piece either.


They are visualy flat/very so slight convex bow, like barely visible with a straight edge. And the finish is really smooth but compound would probably be a safer route anyway. I would imagine that given the fact the smaller boards dont even require a sink that something like this with all the square inch surface area it would be adequate?? Of course thats coming from a complete heatsink sizing dummy. Hahah. It just seems like it would work is all??? Lol @dbrn32


Probably. Factory sink has 17 fins that are 3/4” tall. So you may be pushing it a little.


@dbrn32 ok so i did some math, it wont work. I mean It would but i would need a crazy long peice. Lol


@dbrn32 the link you sent me was great thank you i am thinking about the 135w qb thy build one at 170.00 what do you think would tht be any good. If i cant decode in the nxt couple of wks am going to pick a name of the light out a hat. Lol.


I think that would be a very good light!


I was wanting to pick your brains about extraction set up. Now some computer fans are built to run for longer thn other fans and can be pretty powerful. What i am wondering are or can tht be cheaper to run with a goid result if i were to try to build some type of extraction system using small PC fans etc am trying to maximise space aswell but moving things around so need to have a good ventilation system in place. 4inch is small but am wondering if i could build a more powerful one which is quieter with parts i have about the house. Is it possible to build something with 4 6 or 8 pc fans together in some sort of housing would they be better than some fans. @dbrn32 ?


If you plan on using a filter with them I would stay away from pc fans. If there’s not going to be any static load, just check cfm of fans and make sure they meet what you need for required space. I like to be able to exchange air once per minute or more. I don’t always run that high, but that’s how I usually size my fans.

@Countryboyjvd1971 would probably be your guy for that stuff.


Was just throwing an idea i had out there. But i do want to thank you for hooking me up with that site i am hoping to having my new light within the month but we will see. Am going with the 135w hlg its putting out over 2.3umols am told so waiting on parts then they will build it for me which is great and its not costing me any extra which is a good thing i imagine. But @dbrn32 as you know i dont have a single clue what any of tht means exactly wat i do know is the high end leds etc and hps thy are putting this type of 2.0+ umol so if i can get that type of par lux umol from a light built at a fraction of what i would pay for the high end LEDs etc thn i wont hesitate the only thing holding me back is tht theres none in stock and i may need to purchase something to do the job even for the first month until my light is ready then i hope its money well spent which i am guessing it be a great investment even if i have to buy a led to do me then al get a 300w or 450w viparspectra or a kingbo just to get me started. I do have 2x 300w led tht have done the job in the past but my yeild hast been so good but i bet thy would do for the first couple weeks as my other grows have done fab under them its just in flower thy dont seem to do as good a job. So am thinking thy good for vegging but not so good for flowering. Or is there any idea of a light i could add to the lights i have tht would give me more red to boost. Incase i cant get my new light in time there has to be something i could add to my set up tht can boost what i have just now. Small area i have and i was able to scrog 4 5gallon fabric pots was crowded but i wasnt sure wat they were thy were unknown strain so wanted to try out my tent etc and see if i could top and fim which i can and i taught mysell how to LST & SCROGG which was the real reason i grew the unkonw strain you all followed me on and was one of my more stressful grows purely due to not knowing wat they were so couldn’t do to much to the grow because wasn’t sure how thy would react so i did little things like topping etc and put thm in to there final pots from seed because not knowing wat type or strain thy were i wasnt transplanting at all. But today am getting things orginised for the next grow which am hoping to start ofc this weekend or early nxt week. Am using autoflowers 3gallon pots so i might be able to get more plants but 4 or 6 should be good with differetn strains 4 or 6 strains am not sure yet but am sure my trusted grow family will help me decide. ??


I would love to see an hps test or any data suggests 2.0 umol/joule. A de gavita is like 1.7, but you’re not putting one of them in a small tent. A good lec will do like 1.9, but that’s not hps. I think you’ll be very happy with the qb 135.


I’ve read most HPS ballasts have a PPE ratinf of 0.9 - 1.3 micro moles per joule, that spread was over decades of improvement. They say some double ended 1000w unit has 1.7, I guess that’s the one u refer to


That’s correct to the best of my knowledge. Most of the single 600’s will show a little better efficiency than their 400 or 1000 watt counterparts too. So wouldn’t surprise me if even newer models were lower than the 1.3.

The problem is testing, even more so in real world application testing. Nobody with the cash to pay for it is growing with 400’s, so nearly impossible to find that kind of data.


This seems to have gotten better feed back than i had hoped for. The person i was exchanging emails with was giving me the information so am pretty sure that its correct they had no reason to give me wrong information but all the info tht is out there someone somewhere will have the info tht people seek they just have to share it. But companies wont especially if thy arent as good as thy make out. But thankfully i have found this company tht will build me a nice light to fit the small space i have atm so i can maximise my yeild.


Well my friends @Sasquatch @Shuggz @FloridaSon @Firstgo @dbrn32 @garrigan65. I have decided to get some beans going as i am so chilled and it might just make me get my new lights sooner but i will use what i have here just now yeah thy arent the best light but i have 2 of them and thy do well wen vegging so i will use them for another grow until i can buy myself a new light hgl135 i think it is but until the stock is back in stock thn i will need to wait so i can get things started with what i have then i will swap over once i have the new lights. So will be starting another journal. And i will be using a dripper system i have built which is nearly finished aswell just need to figure out if i should put a water pump in it to add air into the water as it feeds the system has a timer that i can set aswell and it puts out around 1.5l per hour which is ok am guessing. It will take time to get used to using it but i can still control how much feed or water they get as i have to fill up the systems tank first. I think i might call this grow the Frankenstein auto grow ?
Girl scout cookies x2
Sweet afghani delicious x1
Smokey bear x1
Purple express x1
These are my 4 autoflower strains i am hoping to have i only have 1 of the sweet afghani so am hoping it germinates so i will be dropping some beans at some point this week i hope. Once i get a couple of things orginised and thn am ready to get going. Cant wait to get this going i hope to get bigger yeild this time round. Which i will once i upgrade my lights and fans but no rush on the fans just my light.


Good Luck @Mikos tag me in when you get them goiing!


Thanks @Sasquatch. Eh need bit help and advice with my dripper system can anyone help me. I want to know how to well basically use it it all works etc i also have aip pump to put into it aswell as a battery operated timer that drips 1.5l per hour giv3 or take few ml but am not sure wen to use it also how long can i keep water or feed in it. I got an air pump to put oxygen into water i believe it is supposedly ment to do better for the plants. Something else tht interested me is micro growing in a different scale cause i use 3gallon pots on autoflowers and 5gallon pots on reg or Feminized beans but thts only a guide i saw a video were this guy had a tray of about 20 maybe more or less but thy were all not bad size for wat he was doing the only thing is there wasnt a final yeild or owt like tht but i was wondering if it could be done in smaller thn 3gallons if i wanted to. I guess wat i am also trying to find out would it not give me a bit more of a yeild aswell as maybe more potent green because thy are smaller. I was thinking of trying it out on maybe 1 or 2gallon pots to see if doing smaller pots but more plants with being autoflower hoping it might give me a bit bigger yeild or bigger nugs rather thn lots of smaller ones i would settle for larger nugs but less bud sites but the bud sites tht do grow can produce bigger nugs . If i had the space i would try all the ideas in my head to see but with my limited space thn maximising yeild is important. I know tht one of the strains i have is supposed to give bigger yeilds so i am hoping i get my new light alot sooner but will start off with equipment i already have here. I have alot of LED’s from bulbs to strip lighting aswell as some extra leads tht can take cfl’s so was thinking of building something that i can use to help with the grow until my new light is made and shipped lucikly the place tht builds thm is in my country so its just waiting on samsung to hurry up and build there quantum boards and hgl drivers etc basically all my parts. Anyway rant over. So if anyone can help with any of the subjects in this rant then please feel free to tell me i love the knowledge and learning FROM in my mind some of the worlds greatest gardeners not to mention some real nice down to earth people tht see past certain legalitys around this gorgeously amazing wondrful plant.


you lost me at dipper system… lol but im curious


Lol yeah started tlking about cobs and thn i have ended up asking about my dripper system i am building for watering my babies i want to try something out and i think tht it will increase yeild but only if i can get it to work first so i now need a water pump before i can get it working as the gravity isnt enough to make it reach 10 drippers for 5plants i can get it out of 4 drippers maybe 6 so think if i add a water pump aswell it should be able to get wat i need and if am right then because it is done over a period of time like hrs thn the plants actually take in alot more than wen you water by hand am guessing its abit similar to hydraponics and DWC as thts why people use thy methods is it not or one of the reasons because they can produce more yeild and also speeds up the process a little by a couple weeks. But its only my opinion am not full of alot of knowledge in these departments but from what i do know and have seen then this is what i think. And its like mixing the best of boths soil and hydraponics together i think anyway. And from what i have seen its possible to build anything that i need as long as i have the know how and equipment to build the equipment. If not get it built for me lol. But i do try as much as i can. And with the support of this site with all the knowledge thts on here i can do anything.