Thoughts and opinions on COB lighting systems

Thanks very much @garrigan62 cause this is one thing i still dont understand and i know i can grow i think am ok at it now i kust need to work on my equipment and i aint got time to build my own right now and i grudge spending too much on lights wen i know there are some cheaper versions tht can produce just aswell as the expensive ones if u can understand how thy work etc. So cheers.

I have some awesome info on lighting witch I think you should read over, it’s large but something you should read over I can send it over to you via Message


For 71. Dollarsyou coild get the 450W for veg and a 900W for flower
knowing how big your tent is going to be would be a big help cause you’ll need at least 50watts per square foot

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They’re not all $71, just the smallest of them. The 450 is $116 and the 900 $259.

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Any chance you could point me to the information on any of the lights you’re asking about to make that determination? All I seen was some data about how much energy they use. Nothing about efficiency or how much total output the lights have.

When you started this conversation you wanted a good light, and I’m more than happy to try and find you the most light for your money. If you want a good light it’s gonna cost a bucks more. If you want a cheap light, that’s a different story.

Kind of want to spend around £110.00 give or take and i know its possible to get a cheap one tht will do a good job not the best but considering wat i pay for it it is very good value if you get what i mean i dont have the time to build one i need a plug and play for personal reasons. When i say reviews its videos on youtube and the odd statement here and there and the videos show great results but there are othere factors tht arent mentioned in the reviews or comments thts wat thy use etc soil nutes etc. I like the cob 1500 x5 sunshine but also the hipargero 450w cob thn thers viparspectars but i also want to save money were i can also try keep elcetric bill down aswell lol the white light i like aswell cause its less chance of ppl seeing the pinky colour but if the x5 is no good for my tent or in genral thn i shouldnt get it.

Exactly! This is what I’ve been trying to convey. The hipargero for instance is a white light, and listed as 65 lumen per watt efficacy. If that’s accurate, you may as well buy an equivalent wattage t5 fixture that’s about 95 lumens per watt in a somewhat similar light spectrum. The led fixture I would recommend is absolutely a little more expensive than you’re looking spend. But would be about 180 lumens per watt.

So you either care about getting more light per killawatt hour or not. If that doesn’t justify you spending more, all of the lights you listed use about the same led tech.

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Thank you for stepping up and helping me out here. Your a good man…lol


No problem. I thought you may have found a steal there for a minute.

What did u think was a steal.? Wat ur views on these.

This is another product tht keeps getting good right ups but am not sure its all to confusing.

Am not fussed about electricity bill or wat i consume as long as i can produce good quality and reasonable quantity with only £ 110.00 which should be possible in this day and age. Its difficult for some of you guys and girls to help as were i am will have different equipment on the market cause i have looked and god knows i would love to live in the USA were the equipment is a plenty. But i dont know my hps from my mh or cfl or any of tht av got a small tent tht i use i taught myself how to top and fim and scrog with my last grow so am going to grow auto’s and Use a combination of fimming topping and lsting and use a scrog net to keep my height down last time and it worked i used 5 gallon pots but wasnt sure wat seeds thy were so had to now i know from the 2 auto grows ive done tht 3gallon is good can use bigger if i wish. Anyway back to it i love growing just this stresses me out cause i still dont understand any of it. The lights i have said have had good results from some ppl and all have great to good reviews only one had a bad one and tht was the vipar. But i was told tht if i got a vipar dont get the 300w only the 450w and up is decent but i not sure got 110 quid to spend on a new light just now i will buy better as i get better but until i can afford better thn i got to rely on ppl steering me in the right direction until i learn and understand how to buy lights. I see ppl all the time with lots of different lights 3,4,5,6 lights and am not meaning cfls i mean like led’s cobs etc and the rooms are huge am talking closet grows. Put it like this if you werre in my shoes and only had £110.00 and had to buy a better light thn you have thn which would you buy. Out of all the lights i mentioned and shown which would you buy if you have no other option. @dbrn32 @garrigan62 plz

The vipar 450 or 900 for $71, that’s very cheap even though they are not exactly the highest performance.

The pd grow doesn’t give ppf either, so I would lump it in with the rest of the light that’s also don’t. They clearly had integrated sphere testing if they have the spectral distribution graph, so they have ppf data. They just don’t want to give it to you, which makes me believe it’s extremely low.

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The 450 isnt dollars am in the uk its pounds strrling my friend and thts 110.00 and the 900 is i think off the top of my head is around 229.00 . So i take it there isnt a light u would buy out of all tht i showed and said.??

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Not one I would buy, but that’s relative because building isn’t an issue for me. For $100 on a build a single grow just missed yielding 6oz in a 2x2 tent. No way I would buy a light over doing something like that.

If you’re looking is limited to the lights you posted I would definitely suggest one with white leds that appears to have the best blue to red light ratio, and has power level that fits your space.

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I just need to buy a new light tht will work in my 80cmx80cmx160cm for just now i will be saving for a better light but right now i just need to know if the x5sunshine 1500w or the hipargero or the gf grow ones or roleradeo ones aswell or any on amazon for the £110.00 tht i have to use for a new light bare in mind i already own 2x 300w led but thy arent great thy work but not well and thy cost me 50.00 pounds.

Because of my circumstances my time is limited and any spare time i have goes into my plants. I would love to build one in the future but after my space bucket i think once i figure things out al try building my own equipment and wen it becomes legal to grow were i am tht way i can do a better job until thn al let others do the hardwork in building thm and i will happily grow with thm. Until thn any help on buying light i my price range i would buy any other lights i havent listed if thy are within my budget.

I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable recommending either. At least with the other amazon lights there are a bunch of members using them, so you kind of know what to expect at least from a reliability standpoint.

This guy is listed as having the hlg 550 and 300. I would shoot an email and see if he can get his hands on an hlg-100 for you. That may be within your price range.

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Could you please send me the same deal @garrigan62

He posted link above. Scroll up and click on it.

I was referring to this message, @garrigan62… “I have some awesome info on lighting witch I think you should read over, it’s large but something you should read over I can send it over to you via Message” i didnt see a link fot that. Lots of light links???

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Ahhh, when you said deal I assumed you meant $71 light. Sorry

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