Thoughta and opinionsTime to Harvest?

This is our outdoor grow, buckets and some pots, Organic Miracle Grow dirt…Fox Farm feeding schedule(adjusted some for the Organic Miracle Grow).
We grabbed these because of a possible upcoming Thunderstorm in our area.
1)right time to harvest?
And what do YOU look for , to determine harvest timing. We have been operating around milky tricomes and brown curled “hairs”.
2) How are we doing? Bud size, coloring and tricomes…(hopefully the pics will be zoom in- able(like they are on our phones) so you can see the tricomes.


Looking good.

Usually when the pistols start turning brown I start watching the trichomes on the buds, (not sugar leaves since they mature faster, and you’ll be trimming those). I prefer a small amount of amber trichs, 5%-10%.

I’d give it a little more time.

Have you flushed yet?

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post one pic at a time for zoomability.

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Looking good :+1: I only care about trichs (I prefer mostly milky - no clear) and try to time out when I cut food so she Cannibalizes the food stored in leaves. Let us know how she smokes :dash:

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Sort of. Thunderstorm kind of did it for us.
Next 10 days have 40% chains of storms or better- every day and night.

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better to harvest a smaller harvest than have mold rot it all away.