Thought she was dying, but she’s thriving?

So hello! I’m still on my very first grow. Going through the trials and tribulations of trying to keep 6 DWC White Widow autos alive.
One of my girls, ‘C’ has been on the brink of death for a while now. Or so I thought. She looks absolutely nothing like any of the others. And from what I’ve read, my diagnosis is she’s been nute burned, probably a few times. But I am extremely attentive to them. Anyways, here’s some pictures. If anyone can also help me perhaps figure out approximately how far into flower she is, and or how long till I should start flushing and prepping for harvest. Any help much appreciated, as majority of this grow I’ve just been winging it off of multitudes of different information.


Oh and in the picture with multiple plants,
‘B’ is the monster in the back that just will not stop growing. It’s actually becoming a big problem.
‘X’ is the one in the front right, and ‘C’ is the front left

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You’re many many weeks from harvest. I would check here again in about 6 weeks if your still unsure.

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Agree you have several weeks to go yet before worrying about harvesting.

I would back off the nitrogen. Those dark green, waxy leaves are due to nitrogen toxicity.


@MidwestGuy @Dexterado
Thanks guys! Much appreciated. And nitrogen the culprit aye. Ok that was definitely one of my suspects. I just recently kicked the flora gro out of my nutrient changes. Just using micro and bloom now.

That’s why I use a net. In this case 2. Upper is for bud support. You can use a net on autos. I do and get good results

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Wow that looks absolutely incredible! Thanks for the reply. I have a net, and wanted to use it. But didn’t get around to solving the whole DWC buckets and trellis configuration

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None of those plants has been there as far as I can tell.

It is a good idea to find just a few growers that have similar styles and whom you trust and stick to their advice. You will wind up chasing your tail trying to follow all the advice you get.

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Heyy man thanks for the reply. Thats good to know, I had assumed it was nute burn. Ive posted a few times on here for ‘serious’ issues i deemed at the time haha. Always found this to be reliable, cheers :grinning:

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I used a net setup I made out of pvc on buckets @Chrisr36 . Don’t have any pictures…that was 3 years ago. It worked pretty good but I had to weigh it down to keep the plants from lifting it up.