Thought I’d share


Here as picture of my autos earliest is about four week lates is six. Give or take a week. I’m always talking to them so I lose track! Is hard to get a decent picture. Still need with this phone There is one in there I tied sown trying something different but I missed the picture. I will add more as I go along. lol. image|374x500

shoot hermi so got them isolated gonna try to turn them male get some pollen


Looks really good. Great job!!!


Thank you kindly


Those are fawking beasts!!


Some serious autos lol. Thank you


Nice job! :+1::v::bear:


Here is my dark angel who is a couple few more weeks from finish


Do you know much bout hermaphroditism in autos I’m starting to think it’s a common thing 4 out of ten have turned on me


I’ve never had an auto hermie on me, but I have seen it happen. It’s important to start with good genetics and not to cause too much stress :v::bear:


Would super soil stress them out that’s what I’m figuring


I’m not sure what’s in your super soil that would cause that kind of stress… what’s your environment like? Temps and RH?


I blasted them with light and burnt them or at least hurt them via heat. It’s stuff called step well soil lots of bone meal fish and kelp oh and I believe worm casting. Gonna try some different methods in the next month or so


I’d suspect light and heat stress before the super soil


I’m think heat stress as well