Thought I bought Auto’s…I didn’t 🤦🏼‍♀️

Hi all!!! (First grow)

I think the title pretty much sums it up :joy:! My girls are on day 12 and I couldn’t figure out why mine were so small in comparison to others on the forum.

My post for reference:

Trouble in seedling town…Help

I just figured out that they are not the auto’s I thought I purchased. Smoking and shopping…:woman_shrugging:t3:

Here are my girls!!!

I have a couple questions…

When do I transplant from solo cup to permanent? I read when the edge of the leaves touch the edge of the solo cup?

I am using natures living soil and an organic mix. When would I start using nutrients? I read a little but didn’t retain as I thought I had autos and was going to let my soil do it’s thing!!

I feel like I’m starting to learn all over :blush:
Thank you in advance for any advice for this newbie!!


Just a few quick things, make sure the cups have drain holes at the bottom. Make sure they are dry before watering again. Pick up the cup, does it fell empty, time to water.

I transplant around day 21 above ground.

I use happy frog soil and add nutes at 1/4 dose around the 2 watering.

You will get different opinions, about nutes and transplant. Do what’s best for you.

Don’t over water, happy growing :slight_smile:


I do it when the leaves reach the edge of the cup they can go over some a better way is to grow in a clear solo cup and put that in a solid cup that way you can check root development since your using NLS you will plant it in your forever pot next

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I would go to NLS website they have good information there I have only grown autos in NLS so don’t know what and if nutes are added

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I agree they don’t look to healthy. Over watered I believe. As far as transplanting goes. When they are good and healthy, and a little wider than the cup, you can transplant.

What makes them look unhealthy? Should I do something for them?

I think they’re over watered. Let them dry way out before watering again.


Will do!! Thank you!!

I don’t know anything about your soil, but maybe it’s a little hot too.

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My girls!!!
I have a question, but I don’t know what it’s called. I’ve read so much my brain hurts :nerd_face:
This is it… :joy:Should I gently bend them and secure with a pipe cleaner and clip at this time. ( what is this called again)They are 52 days old :hugs::hugs::hugs:Or is it cool just to let them do their thing!!
Thanks everyone :orange_heart:

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LST and yes, or whatever topping method, height control/canopy spread you are comfortable with. Remember when you flip them to flower they will stretch 30/40%. Make sure you have room in that tent for that plus the light fan etc. I generically use half height of the tent, before doing so. Autos are trickier, I just try to make/keep them as squat as possible and let them tell me when they wanna run.


I start training early. The new growth is easier to work with and if I start cutting things off, the plant has time to recover.

At this point you might tie the individual branches down. Start with the highest and just bend it over. You can tie it to the pot. Also, netting can help. Just keep tucking anything that grows through the net back under the net

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@Pet_de_Chien @oldmarine thank you for this!! I am headed to get myself some pipe cleaners today.
I also upgraded my lights to Mars Hydro Grow TSW 2000w today :hugs::hugs:. I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous, the light seems super bright. Any suggestions on how to know if the lights are too strong? Thanks again everyone :green_heart::green_heart:.

Pics from today. Mars light vs Gixxer lights

That is the light I am currently using and it’s not too strong. I am planning a HLG upgrade real soon.

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That Mars light has a dimmable driver…let the plants tell you if its too much. From what I see they look like they are pretty happy, arms outstretched, leaves flat.


I believe I started to give the girls a little light burn.

I started too strong :flushed::grimacing:. We learn as we grow 🪴!!
@Pet_de_Chien they did let me know, thank you for that tip :yellow_heart:. ( turned it down to 25%, we were using giixer’s just a couple of days ago- and I can’t imagine those were super strong, even with 2 in the tent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Attempting LST:

While handling the girls today, I noticed a very mild pleasant fragrance coming from them (this is normal yeah?):yellow_heart:
Happy Labor Day 2021