Thought for today


Thanks for dropping by the lounge. Grab a cup of coffee and visit awhile.
I was watching a TV program last night about the underground criminal drug lords and to be honest, it was quite unnerving to say the least. You know, the type that wears the bandanas over their faces and has their voice distorted like Darth Vadors. These people no nothing about responsibility or human decency. The TV Sponcer’s are just as bad to me due to the misrepresentation that we get for using this plant for medical reasons or just enjoyment. Ive come to realize that you can enjoy Cannabis while paying your bills and paying forward to people. This will definitely come back like a floating bottle on the shores of your future. Its a pleasure communicating with you all. My only regret is that I do not get to have a personal relationship with you. Anyways, I hope your day is great and ask you to take care of yourselves. We all need you. :grin::v::+1:

Oh, and make sure you check PH. It is important to check PH.


@Happy_Pappy Good morning and we as Cannabis users and growers have gotten a bad rap forever
Im Extremely responsible and have used mj since i was a teenager im 46 now
I served in the Army and still smoked not as much obviously but when i was able
I own a home pay my taxes take care my kids and wife who my partner and best friend :wink:
I get up at 230am 6 days a week start smoking around 3 am and smoke all day everyday until i crash around 8 pm :+1:
Pot doesn’t make you irresponsible being lazy no self motivation and having no self respect does that
In my humble opinion :wink:
Best wishes my friend enjoy the day


Me too. Where did you serve? I was in Germany two years. I consumed my share of Turkish Hash. Pretty darn good smoke. Lol


Agree! Do the same things. Except smoke all day you lucky rascal.


I was state side mostly and in desert storm (Saudi) when all that happened
I was in Logitics so in the rear with the gear my friend :wink:


The demographic is changing for sure. I’m about as far from the stereotype of the chronic pot user: conservative, hunter, all my friends are military etc.

I’m happy to make your acquaintance and look forward to seeing you here.


You too buddy.


People are often shocked when they find out just how big of a pothead I am. I am high from the moment I wake up at 5am, until I pass out, late at night. People think I’m a very serious person, b/c when I’m working, I am a no-nonsense person (as a chef, especially a woman, you really have to have your ish together). They have no idea that every time I go to the walk-in, I’m taking a hit. Lol!


Thanks for your service. Country boy can survive as HWJ would sing.


And ty for yours my friend @Happy_Pappy
HWJ would never lie hahaha


It helps me to focus. It really does have legit medical properties.


No he wouldn’t. People have asked me if I was raised in a barn. My reply would be, 'you have no idea".


It keeps me from being too ocd & anxious. W/out it, my brain tends to obsess on certain negative thoughts. With it, I’m all: lalalala lalalala!


Hahaha hell yeah it does
It keeps me level and grounded wwith out it im a lunatic lol :joy:
My wife asked me to stop smoking mj once
So i did since id do any to make her smile
A week later she came to me and told me yo start smoking again lol


Damn right. Thumbs up on that.


I told my wife once while taking pain meds that I think this is getting the best of me. She said no it not you just think they are. Six months later and about 5000 doses she yelled, you damn drug addict! :joy:


Hahaha yeah ive had a similar conversation witj mine lol I no longer use the scripts :wink:


Okay I might as well chime in. I have been smoking pot since 1966, every day all day from the time I get up, 5a, till I finally turn out the lights at 10p. I laugh as well because no one thinks of me as a ‘pothead’. I put myself through Nursing School, twice (LVN-RN) passed with flying colors, worked 40 years as a nurse (psych), own my own home, paid taxes when I worked, now on Social Security so not taxed, grow my own and have a wonderful time relaxing and growing. What ‘non’ pot person can do that? I will never forget that first hit that changed my life forever, well worth it, and what a high it was!!! I love my weed!


@Countryboyjvd1971 YeHaw CountryBoy!!


Agree. Great of you. Alot of successful tokers out there. Ive read that in the Silicon Valley high tech industries have nearly done away with drug screening. If they have a no use policy thed have no one to work for them. They are the brainiac types. Top income earners. They use daily, alot of them anyways