This will hopefully be my first successful grow

Anyone try the Fox Farms soluble trio. I just used the open sesame, along with grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom all at 1/2 strength.


They are at 3 weeks from switch to 12/12

Kosher Sorbet:

Bubba kush:


They’re looking pretty good buddy. Your tent is going to get busy real soon as well :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Thanks I’m looking forward

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I have some brown pistils on only one of my colas. And, its my tallest cola. My hlg 300 was 12 inches away. Today, i just put it to 19 inches away. They’re 3 weeks into 12/12. Are they light burn or natural bud development?


@NewYep could be light burn or heat from it being so close. Either way I wouldn’t stress it too much since you’ve raised the light already. Looking great man!


A lot of my kosher sorbet leaves are much lighter than my bubba kush. Anyone know why? They’re in 5 gallons. I watered 5 times since switching to 12/12 3 weeks ago. The next watering is supposed to be a flush.

First: a gallon of water each plant with 1/2 strength calmag

4 days later: 1/2 gallon each at 1/2 strength big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom

7 days later: gallon each at 1/2 strength calmag

4 days later: 1/2 gallon each at 1/2 strength big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, and open sesame

5 days later: 1/2 gallon each at 1/2 strength big bloom, grow big,tiger bloom, and open sesame

Kosher sorbet:



Could be genetics but i would think they could be hungrier than the others?

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I thought they were hungrier. I just wanted to get other peoples thoughts. Should I start with 3/4 strength?

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I would, they eat ALOT in flower. Just watch close for nute burn and if you have a tds, watch your run off ppms.

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Also, I am way new and have never flowered before, so take what I say with caution.

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Yeah, I’m wondering if it’s just the nutes or also possible underwatering. Thanks


Hey guys I need some help. I did a flush with sledgehammer of the ks today. The flush was overdue.

The leaves of the ks are much more yellowish than the bk. It’s day 24 from switch

This one is ks

This one is Bk


I don’t see any male pollen sacs, but I think I will have hermied plants. There is a very little Velcro flap at the back of the gorilla grow tent, and I just realized I never shut it. I never saw it because 1) when I would look at the tent I wouldn’t see any light leaks 2) the flap is by the wall.

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28 days of 12/12:

Kosher sorbet 1:

Kosher sorbet 2:

Bubba kush 1:

Bubba kush 2:


Got some nice buds going on there buddy :heart_eyes:

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It doesnt look like anything is hermieing from the pics… maybe dodged that bullet? :+1: they look great!

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I flushed the bubba kush a few days ago. It’s almost at week 5. I think one of the bubba kush doesn’t like the calmag.

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Hey, I don’t see any pollen sacs. Thank you to gorilla grow tent.

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Awesome! Smooth sailing now!

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