This will hopefully be my first successful grow

Hi everyone,

This is my third grow, and first grow journal. The first two grows failed by the seedling stage. I’m hoping by starting a grow journal I could go all the way to harvesting potent buds. Here’s my set up:

  1. Seeds: 6 DNA Genetics Kosher Sorbet & 3 Seedsman Bubba Kush
  2. 32” by 32” grow tent
  3. Lighting: I’m using a 220w blurpie LED at 110W until Monday.
  4. Lighting: I’m replacing the blurpie LED on Monday. I will replace it using 1 or/and 2 Agrobrite 26W 6400k CFL with clamp light fixtures for seedlings.
  5. Lighting: I also bought a Mars Hydro TS-1000
  6. Soil: FF Happy Frog
  7. Nutrients: FF Dirty Dozen and FF Cal Mag
  8. Ventillation: Genesis 6 inch clip fan
  9. Ventillation and Odor Control: I set up the inline fan, ducting and carbon filter that came with my amazon grow tent and blurpie led
  10. Miscellaneous: PH Meter, PH up & Down, PPM meter, 5 gallon buckets, Dixie Cups, Humidity Dome, spray bottle, 1 ML water drops, 100 ml syringe, Mykos, Atree Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kits with Moisture, Light and PH

My seeds were put in wet paper towels yesterday. I will make holes in my dixie cups. I will water the dixie cup with 10 ml water, then place the seeds in, and putting them in a humidity dome. I’m thinking of putting mykos on the tail before planting them. It would be the first time I use mykos. Should I put mykos on my seeds?

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You will struggle with those lights fair warning so don’t expect much. :+1:

Don’t be putting anything on the seeds.

Also you won’t need any nutrients till around 6 weeks above ground.


I can’t help with the mykos question I just ordered my sample pack so haven’t used it.

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Hi @MrPeat, thanks for the advice. Can you elaborate on what sort of struggles I can expect with my lights and why.

I didn’t know happy frog had that much nutrients. I grew with FFOF the other times, and heard happy frog is better than FFOF for seedlings.


Hi @SKORPION, I’m not going to use mykos per MrPeat’s advice. Thanks

Peat can show you the massive difference in lights. I love this part.


I’m going to hang out here and watch your girls grow.

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Normally use the mykos when you pot up to a bigger size pot sprinkle a little in before replant.


Hey @SKORPION, I just ordered the mars hydro ts-1000. I don’t need it right away; therefore, I could return it and spend a few more dollars for a better light.

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Hey BAM, I just planted one kosher sorbet.

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Hey kellydans, I’ll do that.

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I just planted one kosher sorbet. Two more Kosher Sorbet seeds look like they’re almost ready to go.

Two Problems:

  1. The temperature in the humidity dome is 84F. I lowered my central air conditioner 8 degrees.
  2. The humidity in the dome is 42%. The dome’s air holes are open. What should I do to higher my humidity?

Mist the inside of the dome with a spray bottle. Humidity will go up.


how many seeds did you start?


@NewYep Look at my Toilet Bowl Thread.



Hey guys,

All 6 of the KS cracked after 24 hours in a paper towel. None of the bubba kush have, but they were freebies. I planted all of the KS in soil. I planted the first seed less then 4 hours ago with 10 ml water. I just watered them again with 5 ml of water because the soil dried up. My fans and CFLS are coming in on Monday. The humidity is actually around 55% opposed to the picture

Hey @beardless , I put 9 seeds in the paper towel pretty much 24 hours ago. 6 of them were Kosher Sorbet, and they all cracked out of their shell and planted.

Hey @kellydans it raised the humidity to 52%. Do you have any more tips to raise humidity even higher. Thanks

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