This tent...This Light....And More Plz

Hit those plants with 100%! Crank the fan and grow huge nugs! Your plants will thank you! Don’t forget an oscillating fan in the room too. I promise, unless the heat is extream (90-95F+), the more intense light, the better.

OK sir…thx for your input. I really appreciate it. I talked with ipower who makes the lights. He said running the lights at 50 or 75% power will create less heat and use less electricity. So…thats what Im gonna do. If the heat is ok…then I can always crank it up. Looked at the bulbs yesterday. They are scary looking…but in a good way. Not you regular looking bulb. Have a great day and thx again.:ok_hand:

Just wanted to make a correction. Yes, you are correct about the power draw being less on the lower settings. I was misinformed lol! Hey, that’s how it goes - live and learn dude. :beer::+1::smiley:

If it’s dim able then stay with that and you can adjust to your needs a little extra light won’t hurt just watch temps

Thx guys…will do. I`m excited. Ordered the fan today.