This sucks new grower wants help


I bought the beginner kit and ten of the seeds did the same thing they grow to about 4 inches then die feeling ripped off


I am curious as to how you were growing them
Lighting setup
how often you watered
did you use nutrients?


I have a mh hps lighting kept it 25 inches away they just wilted into nothing I used two different soils 5 were in Scott hyponex soil and five in organic soil


Temp has been 70 75 n little humidity I used the flower power the way it said to


600w? or 1000w?
to me sounds like they were fed too early and died from nutrient burn under intense light conditions a plant will drink quite fast taking more nutrients than it should. How did you test and monitor ph?
I don’t mean to sound like a dick I am trying to figure out what could’ve gone wrong so even if you buy seeds elsewhere you have every advantage in getting them to harvest we can give you. I know I on occasion have cared my ladies to death doing things which seem helpful and harmless like feeding too much or watering too often it happens to us all trust me :wink:


No man I appreciate any info and help I got the 400watt now that you
explain it that way it sounds like I loved them to death


You had success with your seeds in that they sprouted and grew for a while this would mean seeds were fine :wink: a crappy seed sprouts and dies off within days if it sprouts?
temps were and humidity could have been small factor hard to say for sure without a meter?
Light distance was about right though without a humidity dome I may have started at 3 ft and moved it closer had they began to stretch. Over watering is very common for seedlings I avoid this by starting them in pellets then transplanting several times as their roots fill each container. The smaller pots dry faster even if plant isn’t drinking fast atleast the soil is drying at a pace where I would be able to dry soil within few days without much help from the plant dixie cup with a few holes. I judge by weight and feel of cup with little ones moist soil weighs more than dry and the way cup feels when you squeeze it is different it crinkles when dry molds to your hand when moist.
Feeding plants no one ever really explains when veg begins lol to me it’s when my ladies have 4-5 sets of leafs and even at that point I start with very low feeding 1/4-1/2 because everytime I transplant they get the nutrient charge in the fresh soil so no need to add anything until they are closer to 3 weeks or month in veg I only push nutes early based on experience with the strain and knowing what it likes. Our first grows should be a snails pace no rush for anything no set schedule feed when they need learn your plants be happy they make it to harvest once you have done that you take what you learned along the first round and expand on it.
If you think everyone’s first grow is bud of the month harvest and that your plants are doing poor relax most of the guys posting killer buds have several grows under their belts or have had help and support coaching them through :wink: It is a long term success you want not a beginners luck story we only learn through trial and error and having problems teaches us how to spot and deal with them sooner in the future


Not to gang up on you @Bobbysmen
I don’t think the seeds are to blame either
You got them to germinate and to start growing
You got them to grow to 4 inches then they died
I’ll need to blame the Gardner here and not to garden for what has happened :v:️


@Bobbysmen so sorry to hear that bud. The same thing happened to me at first one of the easiest mistakes to make is a over abundance of love and attention. Wanting only the best for mine I was meticulous in my following of the directions on the jar and promptly over fed over watered and killed 4 plants . After checking here I hardly ever feed till just a little bit before switching to flowering because of using ffof soils . Good luck


I got this CB we agree it was likely feeding too early all of us have been there no desire to salt wounds :wink: it sucks losing plants after time invested and would all like to point at others for it lmao. This isn’t an ILGM sucks thread it’s a help me figure out why thread nobody needs to run to the defence man the towers and prepare to fend off a assault. Though I do appreciate the concern for our sponsors :slight_smile: I hate to see any grower get trounced for being frustrated and making mistakes.
@Bobbysmen I assure you you will get advise and support in your future grows here we all aim to share the passion we have for growing with others it’s why we are here :wink:


@Bobbysmen I hope you don’t mind I changed title :wink:
I suspect you will get less hostile feedback some of our bluntest members are also some of the best mentors if not poked


Oh man @Bobbysmen that stinks. I have had my share of set backs as well but don’t let it keep you down. This is a great forum where people want each other to succeed and will jump in and offer help, suggestions and opinions. There is definitely a learning curve but like anything in life worth having, it takes hard work and mistakes will happen. As long as we learn from them so we can do better next time we continue to grow (pun intended) :grin:

Happy growing and welcome to the forum.


@Donaldj I really like that information. You’re a good teacher. Thanks


Don’t despair, not the first time too much love has killed. Try again. Take the advice from the growers here and download the grow Bible. Robert’s advice is legendary. His steps will have you harvesting huge buds. Never give up!


Sorry to hear of your loss. Boo, if I hadn’t had these guys holding my hand All the way I probably would of killed my girls. We all share your pain and frustration. Don’t give up, I see big buds in your future. If your not sure always ask. We all want the same thing. A successful grow!:v:


Thanks people I just germinated my seed and put it in organic soil now my
questions begin I have the my hps combo light (400) Watts how often should
I water and any other information is again appreciated


After she breaks ground just mist her. No watering for awhile.


Ok ty I’ll be giving and probably needing play by play lol


I was upset when my first two seeds failed to germinate. Then I followed Roberts advice on water germination and both seed sprouted 3 days after planting in soil. The fact that they all germinated is proof of good viable seeds. Fertilizer should not be used on seedlings at lease for 2to3 wks. Over watering is something I have done in the past. It might be a good idea to start smaller 3 seeds and see how that goes. Here to help.


When misting you want to mist the base of the plant not the actual leafs. It’s easy to over water when they are young. I did it when I first started out.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have @Bobbysmen we will help you through your entire grow if need be :+1::v:️