This site is turning into a joke

There’s nothing wrong with this post, yet it was removed. I’ll make sure to spend my money elsewhere. This place clearly doesn’t believe in free speech and they try to control everything that’s displayed.

Tell me how that statement is false or against the community standards.

You can’t have good plants without worm castings or good worm castings without good plants. FACTS aren’t allowed here?

I’ll be sending my plant protector package back for a refund. I’m not supporting someone who supports this nonsense.

your post was removed? on this site? can you post a link to the removed post?


Sure there is, it isn’t true. Worm castings 100% unnecessary in any grow. If you’re going to post something as fact here, it should at least be true.

Furthermore, if you think you can wave money around expecting it to earn you respect, get people to follow bogus information, or belittle other members, then you’re definitely in the wrong place. Here is the forum policy, if you still don’t know why your post was removed I would be content to pm you.


It’s entirely false

You can absolutely have great plants without worm castings, in fact, most commercial growers are literally doing it every day in their hydroponic systems…

And you can have absolutely great worm casting in a compost pile with no plants growing at all!

Your statement is just your opinion, it’s not fact…


Good luck in your travels.


THIS SITE IS TURNING INTO A JOKE. Opened account on Dec. 19, 2022. They’ve been on for 3 weeks. Kind of hard to take this seriously. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


must of been a rough 3 weeks lol


@BudzMS :joy::joy::joy::joy: glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee!!! :100::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Had he said I think before the statement it’s probably not getting removed. There’s probably only one statement like that will work. You can’t have good plants without water. As for getting their NPK and micros there’s a lot of ways to do it. Probably as many different methods as there are growers. Statements of opinion guised as fact could definitely be misleading to people who don’t know better.

“Rough three weeks” LMAO. Thanks @BudzMS I needed a laugh this morning.


In fact you can find numerous examples of allowing controversial posts to remain up. All of the Mods believe in free speech and personal liberty so long as when it’s done here it follows Forum Policy.


Just as an example: Is covid deadly? Do vaccines work? You’ll find evidence supporting both sides. To censor one would be a crime. Each person must use diligence when doing research for information. And think about how useful miss information can be, the errors that have become huge success’s!


A good joke always gets laughter. Time to laugh and move on.

   Evidence is shown daily that grows of all types are successful.

Wormcastings with or without?

Like me saying you cant grow potent weed with Leds, only old school mh/hps.

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And you also want to revolutionize the art of scrogging too, from your “3D art Scrogging” thread. Yet this is your first grow! Curious how you know so many facts about growing, must be the King James Weed Bible, 4th Edition!

Post some pics when you make it to harvest, good luck!


Just putting this out there. I have read close to 40,000 threads here, and posted over 750 times, (Just checked my stats). I’ve never once been censored or had a post removed. I’m sure lot’s of people who have way more posts here than I do would say the same. So it seems to me that we’re free to speak our minds as long as we observe the policies of the forum.


It’s really NOT what you say, it’s HOW you say it.


The OP left out an important fact in the original post in this thread. The criticism of the OP was primarily about the dissing of a respected forum member in a post a few days ago. Name calling behavior doesn’t fly around here.


This is one of the reasons I have been here every day. This is the only grow forum I am a part of anymore because of the way it is moderated.


I for one or two or a few dozen appreciate your bringing some humor here! More than a few people are laughing thier asses off.


Yes we are!! :rofl: :rofl:


Poor ol’OG will have lost his biggest Fan….they were getting along so well together….:laughing::wink: