This plant seems to be preparing to produce a truckload of buds in a few months

This Godfather OG has taught me a lot about plants already. I’m curious what its reaction will be to getting its main stem crowded out like this as I topped the main stem twice. The first time it grew vertically before splitting and sending another middle shoot. I topped that, as well. It’s in a 20-gallon fabric pot with about 15 gallons of soil. No fertilizer has been added, other than worm tea at every watering and some bone meal to break down for the flowering period.

Look at the reinforcement it made to those massive nodes. Does that mean I’m going to be harvesting a truckload out of this plant? It also reinforced itself where the trunk stretched, causing a tear.

This plant is still small, but seems to be building a super structure.

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They can take alot of abuse. I got carried away with stretching a top and split her right down the middle of the main. Big Shirl didn’t bat an eye and just knuckled up.

The 2 new tops at the split ended up being 4" taller than all of the others. I just harvested last weekend. Much better potency than my first GFOG. This is one of my favorites now.


I hear they split like that when you don’t leave a large enough stump at the topping. I don’t see any on your plant. It’s great that she rewarded you.

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might be true but I split her.