This plant is f**king with me!

The damn thing will not mature. It’s a Pineapple Express Auto that is 13 weeks old today. All sources I’ve seen suggest this plant should ripen in 8 to 9 weeks from when it sprouts. I started it outdoors, but excessive heat, then excessive rain caused me to move it under a 240W quantum board with temps in the low 70s. It just keeps making flowers and most of the pistils stay white. Why won’t it ripen?

Let’s see pictures in white light. Possible late flower foxtails are being produced which would show as you’ve described.

Sorry. I forgot to attach the pics


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Still stacking. I’d let it ride for now. You probably should be looking at trichomes soon though.



Thank you sir for that shot of patience. :fist_left:

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I wonder if that could be too much light on that small of a plant causing it to spiral out? I noticed when my lights got to close and the plants got too hot, they seem to spit out more foxtails

Entirely possible: QB’s seem to promote foxtails (not a bad thing). OP might try raising light 12" or so and see how plant responds. Overall though she looks good and really nothing wrong with taking more time.

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@HappyHydroGrower @Myfriendis410
Thanks gentlemen. I do have the lamp rather close to the plant (about 15"). I will raise it to 24". The plant looks good to me. I just want to smoke it, so it needs to hurry up! :laughing:


People usually cut a "sample " off to get a steady pictures to posts, why let it go to waist. :wink:

Thats a porky lookin bud you have there! Nice shape and color! Not larfy at all… she will be a nice bud when done.

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Yep…fattin’ her up for the kill. But…she will not have died in vain I assure you! :rofl: