This plan make sense?

hello again.

so i have a 10x10 tent in garage. currently 4 WW in week2 of flowering are in there on 12/12 light schedule.

lights in tent are SunSystems XXXL 1000watt hps and another 400 watt hps gullwing type that i had from first grow room.
obviously more than enough light and space for the 4 plants i have in there now.

but im trying to figure out, how i can start more for 4-6 weeks of veg and then place them in the tent along with others for 12/12 lighting schedule.

so, couple questions.

if i am able to develop another veg’ing area. with the 2 lights in have in tent, what would be the max # of plants that would be reasonable? without cramming…dont wanna cram.
im thinking 10-12 tops.

also,…the veg’area im trying to setup is small. it is the space i used before i convinced wife to agree to use my half of garage space for tent. its a closet about 2 feet deep, and about 10 feet long/wide.
i have 1 400 watt MH light to use in there. plus some crap Ebay 100W u.f.o-LED’s if needed.

so, in the past i grew 2 plants in that closet space. and by harvest time i had to leave doors open during lights on, and carefully move leaves to close doors (sliding bi-fold type) for lights off time. but, in this new scenario…i would only have them in closet until ready to flower.
so, think i can do 3 or 4 n that space?

in the future…i plan on getting another tent. but thats probably a few months out at least.

appreciate any input, thanks.