This one scares me!

I’m almost afraid to try this one. its just looks scary strain…Layer Cake

This one are all fluffy, Durban Poison… not sure why

I know I am getting very close to harvest…watching them very closely…
I think the LK will go amber first… do I let the DP go to see if the buds tighten up ?


Definitely would let it go longer so it will fatten up looks amazing.

Here are the two side by side, you can see the difference

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Yeah definitely would let it go longer my opinion

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You are comparing apples to oranges. Give her more time. She might surprise ya!

Growing super dense buds is an art I guess. I get some nice buds, but I’ve never grown any that are like rocks like I’ve seen before. Maybe I’ve never grown the right strain. Your look great, but definitely got a ways to go.

I don’t dare crank up the lights…these kids are both tall…I’m less than a foot from the lights as it is…

Sorry old pic…took this one this moring.

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But its low light that makes them grow tall.
Next grow you might increase the light intensity to help keep them shorter.

thanks good to know…thanks

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I’m not sure what week you’re in, but I’m actually doing the same thing. I’m currently keeping the light intensity no higher than 80% on my 400-450W full spectrum LED lights for each 4x4 tent (I’m 31 days past the light flip).

I’m also a new grower and have my lights at the tippy top of the tent because of temp issues I’ve had. I’m still getting praying leaves well over 24” away from the canopy. I personally don’t plan on going to 100% power until the middle or end of week 5.

As the nutes get lower and lower, I plan on cranking the lights to their full power for the final 3ish weeks. Some may disagree, but I find it’s more than sufficient. For me, blasting those lights up to 100% too soon skyrocketed my humidity and temperature without proper measures in place to counteract the extra heat generated. Best of luck! Your grow looks fantastic!

Really nice. What light are you using? I’m looking forward to wrapping up this grow. It’s a 70/30 sativa, and I started it under a cmh 315, but bought a new hlg 350r about two weeks ago. This is week 9 of 12/12. Still trying to figure out the sweet spot on this light.

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here is the light…

Many of us run that much in a 3x3 or 2x4. If your plants are directly under the light they may be OK.

That is actually backward. You want the most PPFD late veg and through mid flower. Then back off at the tail end to minimize, avoid foxtails.

Cannabis is a high light plant. Give it what it wants and needs.

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@beardless Interesting, thank you for the information!

The growing guide I was following from a YouTube channel described this method, but since the timing you described might be close to where I am… what would you personally do for the final 4-5 weeks of my grow? I brought the lights down from 100% about 2 days ago to 80%. I am on day 32 of flower if that helps. I’m definitely all ears if you have a recommendation.

Is this 32 days since changing to 12/12? Or, first signs of flowering?
I would keep the light intensity up at 100%. If the light’s PPFD map is accurate it looks like 20 -22" is a good height to get high coverage over the 4x4.
I have two lights in my 3x3 with total draw of 450 watts. The plant in the tent is now 55 days into 12/12 and 41 day days of actually flowering. Five days ago I dropped the power down to 430 and will drop it again in a few days - around 400. I do not know what my lights’ actual DLI is but I do want to keep it has high as I can without causing the plant to foxtail. It is a total guess on my part. Then see how it reacts.

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@beardless 2 days since the flip***

And awesome, I really appreciate the information!

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