This new space is goig to be awesome


got my high voltage done :smile:





Wow what is that going to power


6@ 600 WT hid lights. 1/2 HPS, 1/2 MH


Damn when you get it all setup and running post pics I’d love to see it


That is out damn standing.



Your new space is already awesome dude


2 bulbs per hood?
I’m going to do the same thing… but one Hood will hold a 600 watt hps and 400 watt mh and will run at the same time except for the last 3 weeks of flower , then will only be the 600 watt hps for the end … :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


one bulb per hood


full room view with green work light on


full room view


alternating spectrums



Hey @oldpro looks good
Ill make a suggestion
Order some panda plastic fir the grow space
It will help increase light available to plants
You can get a roll fir like 80$ 10x100 foot
Here a link they sell smaller rolls as well

Just a thought


Ya. Its still in construction. There will be some kind of reflective material on the walls. As well as 4x4 ebb and flow tables around the outer perimeter and a reverse osmosis system. More pics to come


And this is only 1 of the 2 budding chambers I’m constructing :smile:


How many circuits you using for the lighting? Just wondering if you’re having any issues firing them all, or you have a soft start?