This Morning was doing Preventive spraying with Neem oil

This morning before lights out with the girls i noticed a culprit in my grow tent.It looks like a fly of some type but i can’t identify it?I have included a picture of it to see if my fellow community could help to identify?I began spraying my leaves and this flys out almost hitting me in the face! It landed on wall of my grow tent and I was able to spray it with neem oil and it was dead :skull: on contact! Any clue of what it is thanks?

Probably just a housefly. Search it up on google 🪰 🪰 🪰

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Yep that’s a common housefly

@Mr_Wormwood Thanks,I thought it was a soil gnat? I did see a hole in one of my leaves and i treated plants with neem oil.I did see what look like white spores on the base of the root on two of my plants any ideals what that could be?I will add pictures later today…

Doesn’t sound good but you’re right pics would help with figuring it out

Could be a shore fly.

Fungus gnat on the left shore fly on the right.

Are the “spores” at the base of your stalk/roots WHITE, or a cream/off-white. I panicked at first (first time grower) when mine started getting that “texture” at the base of the stalk too but it’s almost just like “knotty” spots as it is stretching and growing. I looked back from like 35days ago that thing was about 20" tall and had a 3/8" thick stalk. It’s over 4ft tall and nearly as wide now in that time and the base of the stalk is an inch or bigger :wink: I think of it like knots, or the “character” a tree trunk develops as it’s stretching/growing in height and diameter but for sure post some pics so we KNOW what it is you’re seeing

@Mr_Wormwood here is what i was describing earlier,In the picture it looks like sacks or could it be build up spray from preventive maintenance?

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It looks like where a root would start maybe :thinking: @UPSTATEZ @Mr_Wormwood

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That’s what I was thinking especially with that first pic but I don’t think they are spores

They are odd looking though

I’m too new to know who to tag, but I’ve read and seen photos in journals on this forum of plants big enough to have trunks with actual bark like material. Bigger than soda cans. Wild.

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I know one person that might know for sure or really good possibilities of diagnosis… @Cannabian

@Hellraiser is a good option on who we can tag with would know if that’s normal or a sign of something significant

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Epicormic shoots… not a biggie. On the plus side, the lower branches should be super easy to clone :laughing:


Yep, not a problem.

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@grizZz I asked around and they are roots trying to get to the soil.I was told to add more soil.thanks.

No problem homie

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