This morning I discovered them switched to flower

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

my blackberry kush is in a 1 gallon pot under 18 hours light just vegging. This morning I discovered them switched to flower. No lighting issues but it has been cold. Down to 12 degrees Celsius. Could that be Why? Also, if we switch back to 24 hour light may they re veg? Only 3 week old seedlings. Kind regards, Jo

It is important that you check your seeds to see if they are photoperiod or autoflowering. Photo periods are usually triggerd by 12/12 hours. Autos flower whenever they choose.

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Last I checked blachberry Kush didn’t have a auto flower version. But I have been growing that strain for last 9 months. Once they get old enough they will show pistols in my experience they do. So if all you are getting is some pistols here and there it’s normal. But she seems young fit that to be the case. Is it a ilgm seed if not I’m not sure if any bank has made an auto outta this strain yet

Yup, they have. Not going to mention the breeder for obvious reasons, but you can get an auto Blackberry Kush


Like I said I wasnt sure about other banks.

Only one, as far as I can see, but what concerns me more regarding the original question is the temperatures as although some strains can handle temps as low as 10°C the Blackberry Kush seemingly prefers a warmer, temperate/mediterranean climate so I wonder if the low temps have caused any issues…

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I would just think you would see no further growth not it to go into flower

I would have thought the same, but if the plant goes into some sort of “panic survival mode” then I guess anything is possible.

Going to have a scout around on google, see if I can find anything.