This Moby dick doesn’t play well with others

In my tent I have this moby dick xxl auto that just can’t seem to handle SOMETHING. It’s in its 5th week of flower and I feed it all the same base nutrients from GH ,flora micro,armour si, bloom, Cali mag, floralicious and flora bloom.
The SAME dose I feed the younger gorilla glue and amnesia xxl yet the leaves keep yellowing from the center out. It’s budding super nice for a plant that spent the first half of its life under a blurple and is now under the outside footprint of the hlg 550v2 raised to 28”. 1300 ppm goes in and since adjusting 800ppm comes out of all of them in the run off. I feed feed water, I ph 6.2, 6.4, 6.6. Then 6.6, 6.4, 6.2 on the reverse.
Pay no attention to the poison Durban in the back it’s a recent rescue that needed a home.

image image

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What is the growth medium?

I would up ur ppm. She looks hungry for.nitrogen with the yellowin. I am 5 plus weeks of flower and push my ppm up. 800ppm is abit low in my opinion.
Also what r u using, soil or pro mix or ??
Depending what ur using u my want to drop ur ph a couple points too

Fox farms soil ocean harvest

Fox farms ocean harvest. Never had a problem with ANY other plant. I’m 1300 ppm of feeding with an 800 ppm runoff.

Strains will react differently to pH and PPM. It seems there may be a bit of lock out going on so what are the specific pH and PPM’s on the plant in question? 1300 feed is a bit high but at the stage you are I you do want to push the PPM as high as possible.

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Yes but each plant has different needs. May be same strain but just like kids, i have 1 kid that can eat 1 hotdog and the other can eat 3 for example. I mix nutes for each one seperately. And as @WickedAle said, they react differently
Hope that helps


For sure! The base nutes means they all get it. In different doses and I also add a little more blackstrap molasses to the moby. I’ve upped her Cali magic too trying to get it to stop. I wouldn’t say it’s a lockout because the flowers are moving right along but it needs something. I can’t fathom she needs two tbsp per gallon of Cali magic.

different girls…different needs and grow rates

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Molasses adds a different dimension. It will cause microbial bloom in the soil.this could be good or bad depending on how much water. If the soil tends to dry out quick you should be OK but slow, you will grow anerobic bacteria that could significantly acidify the soil and throw out toxins.


I let her dry out and did straight water today which came out of the tap at 7.0. Knowing it was going to drop some and I’m just flushing her for a week I let her rip. Much to my surprise the runoff ph came in at 5.2 so I think we found our problem. My temporary remedy was the baking soda slurry trick.
Such a vast learning curve.

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Looks like she is eating the leafs and bulking up your buds they finish fast and look like your a few weeks from harvest if so that is normal. In my experience with auto’s

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It was scheduled from date for May 19th but I think a lockout set me back a little. She’s short and there was no real defoliation I could do. Ow she’s turning into one big bud.

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