This little girl😟

First post so sorry if I seem silly but I’ve really been struggling. I was gifted some (about 15) "Wild Diesel " seeds from (farmerjoeparker I think?) A friend of mine acquired them somewhere. Anyway I murdered every one them. Watered to much, wrong medium mix etc.

So I’ve done some studying, picked up a couple 32W CFL Agrobrite bulbs, 5gal fabrics pots, FFO and mixed it with plenty of peat moss and perlite.
This little girl was germinated in a glass of water then into paper towel until she had a little tail. Put her into the pots in my garage under the CFL and a small fan to help keep her cool and she has just refuses to grow. Now I live in Souther US so it’s hot and humid. I have only watered her with a mister. Should I water the pot good or what? HELP😰

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Southern US…

She’s 4 days old so I may be panicking prematurely. Lol

Pretty sure you need a humidity dome over her for starters. An upside down water bottle with the top cut off works. Dont water the soil she’s to small a d to much water will drown her. Mist the inside of the dome with water. Welcome to the community. Let me see if I can get someone in here that knows a lot more than I do. @Covertgrower

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You’re ok brother. Don’t soak the pot you’ll drown her. She’s spreading her roots. Nothing to panick about yet. I’m in Florida. It’s hot and humid as hell here :wink:. I haven’t had to dome any of mine, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Dome it, and the amount of water you already gave it will be enough for at least a week. Probably more. Welcome to the community!


I wouldn’t dome her, I’d let her dry out for 4 or 5 days. Add only 4 or 5 ounces next watering.

To dome or not to dome? Now I’m confused :roll_eyes:

Ok I just misted it and put a clear Dixie cup over it. Will check it again in the morning.

On another note I also have a Fastbud lsd-25 that just popped as well. Same deal, I plan on put her in the same set in the morning. Now my wife is TOTALLY against anything cannabis related so my plans are to get the up a good 3 weeks or so and move to a stealth location. I’m retired so I’ll have time to check and water them daily. I know be careful…
I only plane on using liquid chicken manure for notes, and only as needed. My friend owns a nursery and they specialize in organic farming. Purchased a APERA PH60 so my water should be good…what am I missing? As stated above I have zero experience with Auto flower and growing cannabis period. I do pretty good with vegetables and house plants but this has been intimidating to say the least.

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These guys know more than me…I’m on my first grow as well. But I’ll repeat it looks healthy. Just let her ride. No more water. Number one noobie mistake is over-watering. These plants are VERY frustrating for a new grower for the first week or two, but trust, they are doing work underground. I was just cursing my auto seedlings (all are fast buds and one is LSD 25 as well) for a week and now they doubled in size over the last two days. Even though I watched the plants in my flowering tent do the same thing just a month ago😂. Be patient with her. She will take off at the 10-15 day mark. Then two weeks after that you won’t believe it’s the same plant.

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Thanks for the encouragement :sunglasses:

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Here’s the LSD 25 at 10 or 11 days. Don’t mind the white stuff just killing some fungus gnats.

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