This light any good at all?

(Grow Light with Stand, KORMAS 80W LED Full Spectrum Plant Light Floor Lamp for Indoor Plants, Tripod Adjustable 15-47 in)

Wondering if this light would be any good for growing a single autoflower plant using the aPotforPot Small Complete Pot Grow Kit (2 gallon).

Assuming by the $50 price tag that it’s really a piece of junk, can anyone recommend a good light in the same type of style (Adjustable height tripod stand with gooseneck)? LED would be preferred, but I’d certainly consider other types of lights.

i would suggest that you forget about the “style” of the light. Realize that one of the BIGGEST factors for the quality of your grow may be the light. so, think about your budget and purchase the best light that you can get for that money. there are plenty of GREAT resources here to guide once you know what your goal is and have a budget.

As far as the “style”, if you dont have a tent or an easy way to support/hang the light you can pick up any type of inexpensive device to hang it. a few minute search led me to this portable clothing rack (with wheels yippee) for under $10. so, you have options to hang.

And i would say, your initial thought was correct. that light would be terrible and you would want your $50 back almost immediately.



@vawton , almost forgot, Welcome to the Forum!!! it is a GREAT place to get started!

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Yes, you assume correctly. Also assume any light in that style (Adjustable height tripod stand with gooseneck) will be a piece of junk as well. @JackAndSan gave you great advice, get a good light (take a look at HLG lights) and figure out how to hang it in your grow space.


No ones saying you have to go LED btw. LED is the best choice in the long run for sure. Undoubtedly. But you can get cfl or even MH. But not as much in a tent for MH. I keep telling myself I’m gonna get the 260xl for my 4x4 to go beside current light. But I’m really starting to question that. I retrofit lighting fixtures on a pretty regular basis. I have plug and play 4ks and even some dual ended 6k led t8. I’m thinking I can destroy what any HLG would put out hanging in that area. But ofc my lights wont be hanging and it won’t be a novice kind of set up. Since my plug and plays will be on the walls and the retrofits hanging.
Edit. With my sf2000 in the middle. Providing the reds. It’s hard to say any extra red would really help at this point, thank God for medical hemp being legal federally here now.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome and the quick informative replies. I’m starting to get a better idea of how I want to try and do this. Seeing as this is my first attempt at a grow and it’s only to provide myself a personal stash, I’d like to keep everything as simple and cheap as possible.

Here’s my current tentative plan: There’s a corner of my room where I can set up an adjustable height clothes rack(similar to JackandSan posted above). The location has the added benefits of allowing for a few hours of direct sunlight, and letting in some fresh air, through the nearby window.

On the bottom shelf, I’ll set up one of the APotforPot Medium Complete Pot Grow Kits (5 gallon), likely using the White Widow Autoflower seed. I’ll hang my light on the top pole of the rack which I can adjust the height as needed. I’ll likely also get a timer to set the number of hours of light a day (18 hours?).

Now, a couple questions -

Will the HLG 100 Rspec be a good enough light for this setup?

And, is there anything about this whole setup that’s terribly wrong?


Saving money on a plan or repurposing materials is always good and can be a fun challenge, but dont give yourself a “budget” when it comes to lights. Buy a light that will be good enough for the area you plan to grow. Look at the specs on the HLG lights, and most will tell you how big of an area you can veg and flower with said light. I’m not a light expert, but @dbrn32 is, as well as others.

Natural light through a window is probably ok with a veg schedule, but in flower you will want to be in control of all light on an indoor grow. If you aren’t growing in a grow specific room, I’d consider getting a tent.


Sun through window won’t really do much for your plants. You will definitely want a timer too. Hlg-100 is good for about a 2x2’ space, which should be wrapped in reflective material to keep light from escaping.


Seems like a tent is the way to go. Considering the CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent. Using the HLG 100 Rspec will I really need a vent fan? Amazon is pairing the CoolGrows tent with the VIVOSUN 4 Inch 195 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan Vent Blower. This be a good setup?

Also, anything else here in my overall setup I should be considering?

What dbrn32 said…HLG mfg’s lots of good LED’s.
Check website for prices. You are looking at around $130 for small HLG led light. It will be the best light system you can buy. It will last for many years.

Shop on Amazon for tents. Bargains can be found. 4x4’ was $80. Suggest a 4x4’ is best if you have the space.

You will always need an exhaust fan with a tent. When you black out for flowering there has to be an exchange for the plants to breathe. At least 100% every two minutes. So yes, a fan is absolutely required with a tent. The vivosun fan is fine as long as you use the bag thingy it comes with. Otherwise it’s full of air leaks and ineffective.
See AC infinity products when ready to upgrade

Sounds like the AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller would be worth the extra $50 over the Vivosun.


i HAVE the vivosun 4 inch. it was part of my original purchase. i had to upgrade almost immediately as it was too small to keep my temps down in the tent. i now use it in my 24" x 24" x 36" high seedling tent. works great in there, but i would not call it a great fan. the only thing that i can say about it is that i dropped it while attempting to hang it, it dropped, hit the floor, popped open (it’s entirely plastic) and broke a fin on the Fan. i contacted vivosun to see if i could simply purchase a new fan blade. they offered to replace it for free instead. so i was definitely impressed by that. i now have it duct taped together to keep it from coming apart.

like i said, works great in that teeny tent.

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Here’s my current prospective setup:

AC Infinity 2x2 CLOUDLAB 422 Advance Grow Tent, & AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller & AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4"
BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer
HLG 100 Rspec grow light
White Widow Feminized Seeds
APotforPot Complete Pot Grow Kits (Would Two 2 gallon pots work in this space or should I just go with One 5 gallon?)

This all good? Anything else I’m going to need?

Yes & you’ll soon realize too small. It’s hard to find tall 2x2’s try looking at 3x3’s they are easier to find in a taller model.

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Yes, I’m starting to think the same, but I’m trying to keep my cost down. This setup already has me over $600, and any increase in tent size calls for an upgrade in lights and the fan/filter/ducting. I’m thinking maybe of going with a 4x2 tent, upgrading to a 6" exhaust system, using the HLG 100 Rspec to grow 1 or 2 plants now, then adding a second HLG 100r later for a full tent grow.

What y’all think? Especially @dbrn32 :slight_smile:


You can successfully grow in 2x2x4. Set exhaust fan and filter up outside and then just train your plant low and wide to fill the space.

If you go bigger you will likely need larger lights and fans.


I think you’ll buy everything discussed, fall in love with growing, and buy everything again, just more and bigger. :rofl: