This just popped up this morning . wat is it?

Im growing chocolatina and i think t.k.o ( wen i pass them from solo cups i mixed up the name tags so i dont know whos who ) indoor grow 24 x48 tent 3 plants started grow dec 2 2020 got them in veg … i got a mini fan a mini humidifier led bulb from homedepot ( got a bestva reflector series 1200w cob led on the way should be in by tuesday ) humility in am at 65_70 pm 50 60 temp am 70 to 75 pm 60 to 68 no mold problems or bugs … started grow in happy frog … havent transferred the plants from there 7 inch orchid pots ( i used those for the holes so roots get good air ) recently i was told by another grower i needed more dirt in my pots so i got michigans m3 made mix topped my pots off and watered … did some hst and lollipop the plants … now how am i looking and what am i missing any advise helps … this page really helped me last grown get out some bad waters … in advance thanks im tryin to learn the art well first … growing for me not for sale … just saw this this morning … what do i do … cut and move on or take her out back and burn her and her soil

Could be a bug sign look under leaves for lil critters or spots

Nothing under leafs could it be pm

Possibly Powder Mildew. If it is look up the suggested mixture ratios of hydrogen peroxide and water and how to treat for it. Ive had to do it before. Just keep an eye on it and remember, prevention is the best method of elimanating unwanted pests or fungus.

I got my new light in yesterday and put the filter in too … at first i may have had the light to low i think i burnt the top leafs of my bigger plant … but from yesterday til now the leafs on all 3 plants look hangin down vs they were perky yesterday before the light switch

They need repotting and a good soaking.

For future reference using see through cups kills off the roots when they reach the light. If you want to use cups to see the root development you need to keep it covered until checking.

Looks like light was too high, from pictures, and they need to be watered…

And root bound bad…

I just checked on them and one of the tips of leaf is dry it cracked off

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Should i repot at this hr and water or wait til tomorrow morning i shut the lights at 12 and they go back on at 6

The light i had it at 17_18 inches i thought i was burning the leafes so i moved it up as high as i could and now i measured it to give u the distance its 2 ft on one my biggest and 22 inches on the other two … the light is a bestva reflector series 1200 w led … is that too strong for the 24 by 48 tent ?

Lots of strech… lights way to high I think I mentioned that a few days ago… you got nitrogen tox and you need to be soaking pots to runoff with ro or phed tap or well water at this point…she is drooping due to underwatering… misery if you said before but what kinda dirt u have? internodal spacing is realy big … dosent look like you have much of a powerful light you’ll need to focus that one light over 1 or 2 plants…
And the tip burnt and cracked off is ok just means shes eating more then shes used to or you have a ph issue and the nutes are just sitting on the roots causing burn… one of the 2… but you only have like 10 leaves total so dont take any of them off there jot in the way of anything … insee you topped her that’s good but once side branches grow past a the highest fan leaves I usually take the leaf off that the branch is growing from… becausenits produced its branch and wont do to much for the plant after that point so start directing energy up to the top … bit your not there yet … your side growth is getting ready to pop out like crazy from the topping… topping sends a signal to the plant that I HAVE BEEN ATTACKED I DONT HAVE A HEAD… HURRY SEND UP A NEW LEADER… and all the side branches start competing for the top…this is when you start knocking em down and tieing them to side of bucket to give you a nice even canopy on 1 or 50 plants

And no a bestva 1200 is a strait BS light that has very effective misleading marketing… it’s only 125 true watts which is waaay less then you want for 2 plants for sure …you could get away with one but you gotta keep it within 18 inches for it to be effective
This is an extreme case of streching so you can see why were saying this… when there is inadequate light the space between the leaves and the next set of leave up the stem will be very far spart… the plant is "streching " to get closer to the light source…![20210223_035933|323x500]
This is what your plant will look like once the branches start popping out more but they will be farther and fewer in the same height of a non streched plant… more branches more colas …

Also the space between the nodes makes the plant weaker because it focusing on getting closer to light then bulking its stem which it’s really elongating your stem making it flimsy… silica is the main elemntnthat makes up over 70 percent of a canabis plants biomass (everything green) cell walls stem leaves particles buds …everythibg… silica is an immobile element and when you strech right on past a good shaped plant it’s hard to get silica to land where you want it …being immobile…where ever it get deposited that’s where it stays… super cropping… (planned pinching and tieing down will promote knuckles to form where you pinched at… knuckles greatly increase strength of a branch it’s good to do it close to the stem so it has most of its support from main stalk and then it they grow strait up from the pinch where aver it might be makes for stability and strength
And this what a plant looks like when its jot trying to strech see how the leafs space between the next set is about an inch or less give or take… that’s what you want and you can get this by dropping your lights… in other cases with high power lights you wanna drop lights gradually you dont wanna go from 30 inches to 10 in 1 day the plus t wont react good… do everything gradually and over a few day period… drastic changes can be detrimental to the plants life… could hermaphrodite on you could stunt (stay small) just be an all around disappointment which always sucks… patients and gentle gradual are virtues to brush up on when growing cannabis… dont hesitate to tag me :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Here’s a example of a bad strech

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Haha i love the gadget to help her stand up! :+1:

Lmao it’s even high tech look at the name of it “techno 777” must be high tech… lol that is a pic I found on the I interweb lol

@fano_man @MeEasy ok raised the plants about 7 inches and they closer to light since i did some trimming i put the bulb light on too right next to them … from last night to now the leafs are standin up str8 like i took weight off her

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