This is what i got what would you do with it?

Just off the top of your head what kind of stress or defeciency toxicity is this g.g. in ffhf. 5 altogether they started with similar leaf damage on bottom. For now they reversed except 1.

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You can closeup the 4 zoom in and see the leaf damage. Plus here is a few shots of trimmed leaves


Need a little more info Grow Bro, Medium, nutrients and feeding routine and intervals :love_you_gesture:. Initial impression is a little calcium deficiency and the overall light green growth could be a nitrogen deficiency.

What temperature is your room at, i only ask because in the first pic the leaves seemed to be curling upwards but the pic of the leaf defiantly a deficiency and if your not running with beneficial microbials id start by giving them sum hydrogen peroxide it super hydrates and oxygenats the root system also eliminating any soil dwelling insects or bad bacteria then if it continues its definitely a defecancy

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I don’t know for sure, but could possibly be to much wind blowing on them. That fan looks pretty close.

Thank you

Here you go. This will help everyone

Well its 2 seperate tents and around 3 to 4 hrs. in i got the p1500 in small tent and p2500 in the large tent roughly 13 inches both of them.
I have a lux meter dr. Meter lux meter and i’m trying to get into dli so far my real experience very limited experience is 12 inch away crank it up because i want to give them all the light i can to maximize yield. Im on grow 3 i had success except for drying/curing problems but i wonder if i can dial the lights back and lower heat and intensity with the tents tight with pressure lock and still get that yield. Have you ever raised lights higher and dial down power to keep it around 79 or 80 to 82 degrees and get great yoeld density potency etc. Any suggestions or experience im gonna add peroxide cal mag and up the nitrogen or grow big this is my first half attempt of a small sog grow i always done scrog i had to seperate 1 plant cause its canopy towered over the rest and next time im going to try to bring up 20 half in 1 gallon and half in 2 gallon tent
Thanks here is pics it is dark cycle.


You can run gg a little less light than some strains. They dont seem to like it heavy. Raisem or dialem back a bit. Temps will follow.

Well ill send pics what if i dial them back to 70 or well if it keeps the temp to 78 to 81 degrees im going to guess that enough especially watching there development at 12 in. Away and just let them grow to the light.

This is pic of 3by3by6 tent setup before defoliation kind of heavy.
I got 2by2by3 exhausting out to i big tent that has inline fan and filter i also got an inline fan running into small tent.
4 plants similar canopy big tent bigger plant lst with scrog net in smaller tent.
The 4 before defoliating and the 4 and then the 1 in small tent after right here.

P1500 in small tent about 8 inch from light for small tent dialed it back to 68 on big plant
P2500 in large tent dialed back to 68 on 4 small plants about 10 inch from plants.
Increased grow big if defeciency for nitrogen added calmag and peroxide also. Turned fans on low inase of wind damage. So lets see what do tou think you can dial lights back to and how far from plants to get big bud development with decent yield. Next im running 11 gg and 11 ww ive done ww twice with good results think i can dial everything back on them like gg too

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