This is opening up a can of worms

I’ve now used FFOF and MG Organics… and honestly, I don’t have problems with MG Organics below…

I know this in controversial, but what am I missing if it works fine for me??

Just trying to be objective and open minded.


I think that most of issues with Miracle-Gro has been with their basic time released nutrients. That’s assuming that the organic mixture isn’t time released nutes.


Nothing really wrong with it, just not the most user friendly. But if ya got it ya got it :+1:


Never used it. MG putting out cannabis friendly lines only makes sense. Growing market. Update progress. Most of us are pretty sure on the off the shelf old MG.


I used it for my first grow. It worked out fine but I feel like it gave my plants excess nitrogen so be careful.

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In positive…out positive. Good attitude helps when issues.

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Maybe that’s what’s different… this MG is supposedly organic.

I’ll read the label closely


This is a bit long but the full article is a good read

Scotts Miracle-Gro Invests in Cannabis

As early as 2013, Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn showed an interest in investing in the cannabis industry. He’s on record calling cannabis the “biggest thing [he’s] ever seen in lawn and garden.”

Relatively early on, he could see that if recreational cannabis becomes legal in a majority of American states and Canadian provinces, the potential growth is practically unlimited.

With Scotts already being a provider of fertilizer and other products that assist in the growth of plants, it seemed natural for Scotts to invest in the cannabis industry.

In 2015, Scotts Miracle-Gro took its first concrete steps into the cannabis industry by acquiring General Hydroponics, which facilitates a common method of growing cannabis plants, for a cool $130 million.

Scotts’ purchase of General Hydroponics also included the acquisition of its sister company Vermicrop Organics, which specializes in soil and fertilizer.

The two new properties joined the Hawthorne Gardening Company, which is a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro and the company’s branch that operates inside the cannabis industry.

Hawthorne Gardening Company’s properties also include Gavita, which deals with urban farming and hydroponics, and Botanicare, which sells a line of nutrients, supplements, and other supplies for serious gardeners.

Scotts made another addition to Hawthorne in 2017 when they acquired Can-Filters, a Canadian company that specializes in fans, filters, and anything else that relates to air filtering and air quality. That was followed by a $450 million purchase of Sunlight Supply, a hydroponics supplier, in 2018.

In a few short years, Scotts Miracle-Gro made a series of additions to its Hawthorne Gardening brand that were clearly aimed at gaining consumers who are growing cannabis plants


It’s usually the excess of nitrogen, tanking ph and inability to flush should problems arise. Plus a lot of complaints from terpines from mg soils. I use the stuff on all my decorative plants. I don’t want it in any plant that I consume. This stuff is from a company known to have cancer causing ingredients.


My problems with miracle grow or any other time released soil is if something goes wrong it’s hard to fix it. Thats the short of it.

MG likes you lol and like @StonedCold13 said when you got it, you got it

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My first grow was MG nutrients. Not sure what kind of medium - just some old potting soil in the shed. Could have been MG. I also had two cheap blurples. I was able to get 5 plants to harvest for 7 ounces. The pride of “I grew this” was worth it.

There are many ways to grow cannabis. You find what works for you!


i used the same soil my 1st grow and honestly had no issue with it, my issues came from lack of knowledge


I use MG potting mix cause its the only thing our local hardware store carries, organics dose have time released nutes, says right on the bag, feeds for 3 months!!! The issue i run into with MG is pH as there are no pH buffers, my grows are successful but i have leaf issues in flower.