This is my third grow total

Love the colors on your plants!

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I think @Spudgunner uses thhe left PRO-MIX.
I have some for my yard plants.
Will try some for winter grow, maybe.

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Forum search DOME watering (a technique to assist in preventing over watering and still keeping soil moist, but not too).

Secondly, the dome will aid you in obtaining the RH goal, easier, than flooding.
I use domes for my clones, outside or in.

Clone Dome Farmer, DDD


Technique explains method and water amount.
@Spudgunner may have postings saying his seedlings live 1-2 weeks thirsty

My Autoflower is 13 days old I just gave it .58 grams of ilgm growtime with 1qt of water

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@LogVitt. It looks like it’s growing. Pay attention to her and she will do fine. Just pulled up my 2 girls last night. May not be the yield i could have gotten but i am extremely pleased. Right at 600 grams after the wet trim.

Well, I’m in Sri Lanka right now, left Sept 7 get back Oct 2nd, and have nobody to care for a coupe of clones I really want to keep the strain going. Shipped 4 clones to a guy near Toronto (I’m near Vancouver), so he can ship them back if mine don’t survive.
But I made a floating clone dome chamber…as the water level drops, so does the floating styrofoam, under a t5 light. See if they are ok in 2 weeks!

These were all 6 about a week after getting them, Aug 29th photo. His arrived safe (with a gram or so of dried bud!), and he said they are alive! At least one will make it. Hoping 1 or both of mine do, I kept the big one!


Come visit anytime.

Did this once in a small aquarium, it just floated around sucking up the bubbles from the air stone. I never finished the plant though :love_you_gesture:

Do I feed every watering or since I feed and watered two days ago just water this next time

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What is it growing in?
Soil, peat, or coco-coir?

Soil I believe but it has perlite and coco

The one all the way to the left

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@LogVitt i fed mine every other watering. Not sure if that is correct but it worked for me.

Here are pics of myother girl. She still needs a little more time…


Promix is pretty good stuff :+1:
It is a peatmoss based growing medium and though it says “soil” it doesn’t really contain any organic matter to provide nutrients so to us growers it’s typically not considered a “soil”.
It’s an inert medium and requires nutrients.

I grew in that exact stuff last year for a few runs and i treated it just like i do my straight coco-coir and perlite, and that’s feed every time, makeing sure i got plenty of runoff each time…

But feeding every time is not required and a feed, water, feed, water would more then likely be just fine untill she gets nice a big or if she displays any deficiency…

There’s really no right or wrong way, just take note that peat or coco-coir based mediums do require more feeding then a soil would as soil has organic matter to provide some nutrients on its own if that makes sense.

There should be several posts of people growing in “promix” or “peatmoss” if you type that in the search bar it you can see how others have done in the past.
But feeding every time is good or every other time is good also imho :+1:


Thank you

Ok thank you