This is my setup for the seedlings problem is they looked stressed. Please help me



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

This is my set up for the seedlings problem is they looked stressed since they started growing can u please give just this once a bit of advive i have them in light warrior seed starter

8 chronic widow 2 goldleaf
Soil-light warrior(supposed to be good bud seeing bad review long after i germinated and planted
Ph-tester be here today
No nutrients at moment
Indoor garden
Temps range from 61 to 80 degrees
Humidity is between 65 to 80%
Lights just fluresant 6500
C02 yes in propgation box
No humidifier yet or ac
Thanks again im going to be ordering the lifetime membership on the 24


Mornin’! Join us and you will never want for knowledge again!! My thinking is you need to get them in bigger pots asap because the longer that stem is the weaker the plant when you transplant. When transplanting people tend to bury long stems and what happens is they rot, maintain the soil level at what it is now. if they remain ‘willowy’ very gradually mound dirt around the stem, wait for a day or two, then add to your mound. Roots will develop along the buried part of the stem. I broke a seedling twice and did this and I now have a healthy gal!. I try to transplant within the week they were hatched, they seem to tolerate the change much better.

Start a grow journal and keep us all updated! I invite you to visit my journal, Come grow with me by hcg, I am an outdoor grower. Happy growing for happy weeds! :woman_farmer:


Hi :wave: what are your Ppms at? Iyou’ll be happy when you get your pH tester


I think @highcountrygal is right. They are probably rootbound. I’ll bet a transplanting will improve them %100. The root system grows very quickly when they’re small, even if they don’t appear to be growing.


It looks like a ph issue
Join us and let us know what the ph is when you get tester
Stems look a bit streached no big deal
They are look ready to be transplant from thise cups as well so you can bury a little bit of the stem


@Countryboyjvd1971 is right; ph or N but I would guess a lockout. They look hungry! One thing: I would bring the fluorescent fixture down to just above the domes. You aren’t going to hurt them with that fixture. It will add greatly to the amount of light they are receiving.