This is my outdoor grow of my purple haze and blue haze and they are looking as though they are about to give birth! What should I do is it almost harvest time?

hey guys so I’m looking at my girls and I see some discoloration going on around the buds and I’m wondering …is it almost time to harvest?! although I know it’s hard to determine this type of thing especially through pictures and it is still yet middle of September almost I don’t know…any advice?

Have you had exceptionally humid weather the past month?
Can you get a close up of one of the brown buds? If you squeeze one does it just crumble or turn to mush?

Yes extreme hot weather…supposed to cool down next week…

Yes i can take the bud off easily

Sounds like bud Rot. You may need to remove the affected buds ASAP. Can you get a close up. Perhaps one of an opened-center of the bud?

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Here is a close up shot…i took them all away to not infect the others…thanks for your insight and advice!

I agree bud rot. Had some on my plant. I made sure to remove it.

Part of the coarse growing outdoor when it’s humid.


In some ways they look way done but can’t tell if it’s mush bad of dry pulling off then ???


I agree wit hog all of the leaves look brown but I still see green in there so I don’t know is it gooey

Could also be an insect. Look carefully.

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No not gooey…they seem quite healthy otherwise the terps are amazing!!

Yeah they do look way done but the rest of her still have white pistils…so not yet!

The completely brown/dead leaves sticking out from the center of the brown bud leads me to believe its bud rot.

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