This is my new set up any opinoins would be heilpfull, need help!




Get that humidity up if you can! Clear plastic dome on top and lift a few times a day to let fresh air in. Only spray mist the top of the soil a few times a day too to prevent over watering. Happy Growing!


its a crystal fem about a week old,this is the fist time its been in that jug,its in happy frog soil


How close is your light? In seedling stage it should be at least 24” from the top. You can fry her having it too close. Just FYI


This are 2 charts for you… I hope this help!
Maybe you can tell us more about this grow :wink::+1:


Thanks everyone got the plastic on already ,and yes i need to raise the light thanks


Maybe a few tiny holes in that :wink:(just to get a little fresh air :+1:)


when should i have my light on and off ,iv been hearing all kins off different was


@jimmybud You should be on an eighteen hours ON and six hours OFF light schedule during veg (assuming your plant is a Photo, if an Auto I don’t know), and 12/12 for flowering.


It is a photo @MattyBear and @M4ur have you set there for now @merlin44 they know exactly what you would need to do and will help you out if I can I will also just ask :v:️.


it still lookes like a seedling to me, its not veging now is it the 2 little round leaves are still there


At that young stage it’s working on growing roots.


You can run the same light schedule for seedling and Veg. Just the height of the light will be different.


Thank you for your heip, im on the east coast up near philly i just put my lights back on turned them off about 9 oclock last night, i had the humidity at 78% after adding my make shift plastic tp tent lol, got to go get a real dome today


I just bought 5 purple haze fems and a nutriant pack.just in case i have to feed these girls somthing along the way


Remember, don’t feed them for the first 2-3 weeks!
And when you will feed them just give them half or less of the recommendations doses


@jimmybud what nutrients line are you going to try Organic with I personally you advise you, or Synthetic? And thank you for sharing it helps alot off people that are reading and following :v:


i got the kit from ilgm


and alseo 5 purple haze fems