This is my first grow

This is my first grow and I’m trying to figure out what nutrients should I get starting out and will fox farms dirty dozen get me through my entire first grow. I only plan on growing on plant in a five gallon radicle bag

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I started with just the trio , good luck

Yes, they will get you through to harvest. Just the trio (big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom) will get you through harvest as well. Just make sure to stick to their flush schedule or the salts will build up on you and tank your ph.

I always hear about flushing. What us that exactly and how do you do it?

It’s where you run enough water through your plant to flush out the nutrients/salt buildup in it. It’s typical to take running 3x your pot size worth of water (So 15gallons of water for a 5 gallon pot) through it or until your ppm is as close to 0 as you can get (I call it good around 300 ppm). There are flushing agents like sledgehammer and florakleen that will greatly reduce the amount of water needed for a flush.

How do you measure ppm?

Can someone please tell me which pH level tester I should order

I don’t wanna get the wrong one