This is my first grow indoors wat to do


Hey my fellow growers so i have been trying to get my grow rite so i did 1 koher kush & 1blu widow the kush was male so i got seed now with are blu widow kush so this time im doin a indoor wid 600hps lite and to veg i got a 2x 55watts starlite set so now i got 6xblu widow kush growing and i put in soil wid coco coir mixed so far i have been watering every other day 2times wid no run off how shall i do water till i get run off and keep it every other day or water evey day 2 times a day wid run off well so far so good wat to do also i planted 2x koher kush again well my last seed off that but load of blu widow kush need to find female too so any tips on that thanks people


@Shuggz I think what you’re asking about is how often to water? This depends on at what stage of the grow you’re in. If you’re in flowering they get very thirsty and very nutrient hungry. You’ll need to water more often, until run off. It’s best you allow the grow medium to almost dry out before watering again, so that roots still can get adequate oxygen. You may need to slow down the volume of water so that the soil can better absorb the water. Hop this helps! Happy growing!


I have started frm seeds planted on the 8th oct


@Shuggz be sure to use the @Covertgrower so it notifies me when you respond. If you started 10/8 they don’t need much water right now. If you allow the soil to dry out a little it’ll encourage root growth, which will be great later when you go to flower.


How about a picture of what ya got. At three weeks which is tomorrow your should be watering her a bit more maybe every couple of three days @Shuggz

@Covertgrower has ya.


@bob31 shouldn’t! Autocorrect almost killed’em… lol


hahaha I hear ya. Different strains can be so wildly different at that age, I’d rather see a pic of what the plant looks like. I have had some get spray for 3 weeks and others needed watering after a week. It just all depends @Covertgrower


I did take photo but dont knw wat happen so here we go again


Were do the photo go really 2times i did upload wat happen


Hello everyone. I’m seeking opinions on whether or not my blueberry autos have hermied on me. This pic is this morning @ 30 days old from above ground.



Only doing alittle abit about 250ml bottle every other day wid tomorite and miracle grow mixed up cauce it got zinc manganese iron etc


Hey peps my Q is that i have 2x fem seeds of kohesr kush i have all ready had problems wid the other were one was male one i messdd up by not having a fan blowin to the tent but us sortin it out si back to the 2x fem seed one looks like it going tall and the other is abit short im thinkin the one that is going tall is going to be male & they are fem seeds frm holland wen i when a few years ago any one knw if im rite on that or jst wait to see if it gets balls


I think :thought_balloon: so sorry dude


No dont say that i real hope not


Looks fully like it bud soz


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@Shuggz I would wait to see if it gets balls
Or clone it and flower the clone before you flower the mother plant
That will tell you for sure and you can get rid of them before the pollenate and thing ?
And I agree it’s bestvto watervtill run off and then let medium almost dry out


This topic is me this is my 1st grow wat to do @bob31 @Moonshine17


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