This is my creation water to waste hydrponic set up dates #3


K alot to say but 1st. This my second attempt at hydrponic. I didn’t like what was out there after a year and a half of studying so much to say about whats going on here easier to just answer questions. Or speak out if you see something i can do better what do you think ?


@Soilgrowth your name shouldn’t be soilgrowth anymore! Only because that is a high tech Holy hydro setup bud! :exploding_head:my mind is blown.


@Soilgrowth I think @AmnesiaHaze is right. I would love to have you explain a little it about your set up, it looks great. I’m a soil grower myself, but I really want to try hydro. (Of some form)


Yes please, I agree @Covertgrower @Soilgrowth your hydroponic setup should be shared if you could with us. It would mean the world :earth_americas: to us. Plus I’d love to dip my sponge brain into the knowledge of hydroponics :wink: I love learning new things


@AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower well there alot going on here 1st there 2 companies that had a major role in this. So 1st my feed and drain system is just a 17 gallon res. But the top hat by floraflex is hands down a must. Keeps light of my coco and perlite mix . which is 30 to 70 mix. And what i think is the best things a pro brought to my attention. The wonderful Drain Away Trays. With drain hook up. Drains right in my back yard drain. With the floraflex octabubbler. I feed 2 times a day. Once 15 min before lights on and the second 15 min before lights out. I have a mykos culture growing in my res. Like a brew or a tea. So any questions and 4 gallon fabric pots.


Very nice @soilgrowth I’ll have to look into those. Thank you for sharing. I really want to try hydro, or a form of it, but maybe just a couple out of my next grow.


Oh I see so this is a form of a hybrid type setup, it is a soil medium but used a top feed style hydro setup for your nutrient feeding/watering? @Soilgrowth that’s pretty cool.

Something to consider, maybe when the solution/water drains to your back yard, you could possibly catch run off to check run off PH! A good idea to consider :wink:


No its a hydro set up no soil.


I have a port in my drain pipe to collect ph run off but no need to its feed 2 times a day constant flush. At 1200 ppm now


Oh you said something about your “top hats” keeps light off your coco and pearlite mix @Soilgrowth


coco is not soil @AmnesiaHaze, no nutes in it whatsoever.

Great set up @Soilgrowth, very interesting!!


Well physically l it is, but when your feeding nutrients, it drains very very quickly like hydroton so it is considered a hydro medium I get it. But it’s still a form of a medium.

And it’s coconut bark, it is porous and absorbed nutrients after first feeding, so technically yes lol it’s a form of soil, just not dirt… :+1::+1:


Growing three inches in volume in 1 day


55×50 scrog. Its almost done


Its amazing how fas these plants are growing.


Tirmming this one plant before 12 21 the transition. All the oldest leaves go. Watch her explode.

there growing like crazy